May release (R176) - FAQ

Version 2

    The May release has just been rolled out to all datacenters. Please see the full release notes: ructure-updates-Site-templates-and_bug-fixes/, and have a look at the FAQ below:


    === Report abuse link ===


    I have created a new site now and I have a "Report Abuse" link on all the pages on my site. Why is this, and how do I remove it?

    The temporary "Report Abuse" badge is designed to protect Internet users from sites with inappropriate content that is related to spam, phishing, or other security, legal, and regulatory concerns.

    This badge is never displayed on paid sites, sites linked to Standard or Premium Business Catalyst partners, or sites linked to Adobe ID accounts with subscriptions to the Creative Cloud, Muse, or Dreamweaver.


    === Mark site as template ===


    How can I mark a site as template, and what does that mean?

    Standard and Premium partners can mark sites as template by going to the site details (under the Clients list of sites, select the site, and use the Mark as Template option on the right side).

    Standard Partners can mark the templates as private - meaning they will be available only to them.

    Premium Partner can make the template sites private or public. Public template sites will be available in the Online Business Builder.


    I don't see an option to mark a site as template - is this feature not available for all partners?

    This feature is available to Standard and Premium Partners.

    === Facebook integration updates ===


    I have just created a site and inserted the Facebook Modules (Comments, Like, Share, Send or Tweet) but they don't render when previewing the page live. Has something changed?


    Starting with this release, you'll need to manually take the module code from and insert in the appropriate module template file. This article has all the details about the process to follow:


    I've added a new Facebook Login or Facebook account link feature onto a page, and it's not showing when I preview the page


    When inserting the Facebook Login or Facebook Account Link features on the page, please make sure to choose your own Image and Text for the buttons by clicking Customize in the Insert Module window.


    === Import site ===


    It seems that I cannot import a site when creating a site from my Partner Portal or from the public Online Business Builder. Has this changed?

    Due to performance issues that are threatening the datacenter performance and uptime, the  "Import your current site" option from the Create site wizard has been temporarly disabled. We will be working on providing a fix for this problem as soon as possible. As an alternate workflow, you could use a third party site download tool like httrack ( to save the site on your disk and then use an FTP client to upload the content on a Business Catalyst website.


    === Payment gateways interface updates ===


    After the latest release, I cannot see the password that was set under Ecommerce->Payment gateways. Why is this?

    For more privacy and data protection, we have updated the Payment Gateway configuration screens to obfuscate the sensitive login information. Fields that have been obfuscated now require confirmation.



    === General ===


    Where is the development dashboard?

    Starting with our May release, development dashboard has been removed from the product. The information included in this dashboard has been added to the Help & Support main page.


    Where are the OBB Templates inside the Partner portal?

    OBB has been renamed into My Site templates and it now includes both public and private templates.