New BC support tools FAQ

Version 4

    How can I access the cases that I have already submitted in the past?

    You need to follow this link:

    Login with your credentials, and then open the same link again:

    You will reach the old support interface where you will be able to view the cases opened in the previous system.


    What happens to the cases that I have submitted in the past? Do they still get answered and resolved?

    Yes. Your cases will be solved one by one, to the last one, as usual.


    I'm a partner, and I'm trying to get to chat to talk to a support engineer, but livechat doesn't seem to be available. Why is that?

    We encountered a few issues with the new chat system. We are currently working to solve them. Until they are solved, we have switched back to the previous chat solution. No issues should occur anymore.


    I have submitted a case through the new support portal, and I received a message that the case will be handled within 3 business days. Why is this?

    The message is not correct as it is not customized yet for BC support. This is the generic message for Adobe support. The BC cases should be handled within 1 business day.


    I can't login successfully, so I can't contact support. What can I do?

    Please fill in a Contact us form from here: