Where is my Creative Cloud membership order?

Version 1

    Creative Cloud and CS6 are both being made available to customers this week. CS6 just started shipping, and Creative Cloud memberships will be available this Friday, May 11.


    If you have pre-ordered a membership or subscription, and want to start using Creative Suite 6 today, you can download any CS6 product as a fully-functional 30-day trial. Starting May 11, once your Creative Cloud membership is active, you can easily enable ongoing access to the CS6 products you already installed, without having to reinstall them.


    Why aren't CS6 and CC being released simultaneously?

    We want Creative Cloud to be an amazing experience for our customers and we feel that we need just a little more time to fine tune it. We are aware of the high demand for CS6 and we didn't want to make customers wait any longer for it so we decided to release CS6 now and work on Creative Cloud a couple more days, putting the final finishing touches on it, and then release it before the week ends.