Cannot login to my partner site after signing the new Terms of Use - technote

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    This technote will show how you can solve the issue you have just encountered when trying to login to a site and asked to sign the new Terms of Use (TOU)



    I cannot login to my partner site (or any other site from the list) after signing the latest TOU and choosing the site from the presented list of sites.


    Setup (or impacted users or workflow)

    This is the workflow I’m doing:

    - I’m trying to login to my site

    - I’m logging in and I’m asked to sign the latest TOU

    - I sign it and then I’m asked to select my site

    - I select the site and click Login, but I’m not logged in



    This issue happens only when you’re asked to select the site from the list.

    The workaround in this case is to go to the secure URL of your partner site, and login through there. For example, if your partner site system URL is, login to


    If you run into any other issues, please contact the Business Catalyst support team by clicking the Help & Support button on your site.