New Creative Cloud users and Business Catalyst - FAQ

    == Before purchasing Creative Cloud or Muse/Dreamweaver as point products ==


    How can I sign-up as a Creative Cloud member or as a Muse or Dreamweaver user?

         If you already have an Adobe ID, you can use it to access all the Creative Cloud applications and services at If you don’t have an Adobe ID, visit and create one. 


    What benefits do I get with Creative Cloud ?

         Except for the benefit of having all Adobe Applications in one place, as a Creative Cloud member you will receive 5 hosted Business Catalyst websites. Also if you decide to purchase Muse or Dreamweaver single products you will receive 1 website for each of them. 


    What is Adobe Business Catalyst and how is it related to Creative Cloud?

         Business Catalyst is the Adobe hosting platform for Muse and Dreamweaver. You can easily build a website with any of these 2 products and then host it seamlessly on Adobe Business Catalyst.


    How can I build and host a site on Business Catalyst?

         Once you are a Creative Cloud subscriber, you can create Business Catalyst websites from Creative Cloud in 2 ways:

    • by using Muse or
    • by using Dremweaver


    What types of sites can I host on Business Catalyst?

          You can host several types of Business Catalyst websites – from simple publishing websites to advanced e-Commerce websites. A more detailed view of our offer can be found here. The 5 sites that come with the Creative Cloud membership are webBasics sites.


    What types of sites can I host as a Creative Cloud subscriber?

         The 5 sites that you will be able to host for free as a paid member of Creative Cloud are under the webBasics plan. For all other types of websites, you will have to pay separately    


    Can I build multi-lingual sites?

         Yes. Business Catalyst has Unicode support. To create a multilingual site, simply create a collection of web pages for each language that you wish to support and link to them from a central location on your website.


    What languages does your Administration area come in?

         English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch.


    How reliable is Business Catalyst?

         The data centers that host Business Catalyst are located in Tier 4 data center facilities, and the servers have:

    • Multiple cooling and power distribution paths for stability
    • Multiple active power distribution paths to help prevent down time from blackouts
    • Redundant components for fault tolerance
    • High connectivity and power into the machines


    All of the data center facilities are connected to the Internet via Tier 1 networks, or have peering arrangements with Tier 1 networks. This means that the servers are essentially hooked in to the "backbone" of the Internet, which generally results in higher network speeds and lower latency from your customer's browser to the servers. Adobe uses reasonable efforts to make the services available 24x7.


    Do you provide templates that I can use for my sites?

         If you are building your website from Muse, you will design your own templates in Muse. There are no predefined templates for Muse right now.  If you are using Dreamweaver, your websites will come with predefined templates that you will be able to edit later on.




    ==== After purchasing Adobe Creative Cloud ====



    What is a temporary site? How long is a temporary site available?

         When you first create a site with Muse or Dreamweaver, it will be a temporary site. A temporary site has an URL that looks like "" and is safely hosted by Adobe on Business Catalyst.

         It will be available as long as you are active with building it. If you don’t login to the Administration area of the website or you don’t update it from Muse or Dreamweaver for more than 30 days, your temporary website will be automatically deleted.


    What is a live site and why do I need to push a site live?

         With a live site you will be able to set up your own domain with your own URL – if you already have one.


         A live site will be better valued by search engines like Google and it will be easier for you or for your customers to reflect your own brand: instead of And as a paid Creative Cloud member you can host up to 5 Business Catalyst websites for free.


    If I already have my own domain name, how can I rename my site according to it?

         You will have to change your Domain name settings from your Administration Area. Read this article on how to do this.


    If I don’t have my own domain name, how can I purchase a domain name?

         You can purchase your own domain from any domain name providers: GoDaddy, Yahoo Websites, 1&1, or any registrar.


    How can i delete a Business Catalyst website?

         You can delete a webBasics site by using the "Delete Site" functionality from the Admin Console of the website, available under Site Settings -> General Settings: delete_site.png


    So, how do I host these Business Catalyst websites?

         The process has 3 steps:

    • Build a temporary website with Muse or Dreamweaver. The temporary sites will all be already built under the webBasics plan.
    • You will receive an email with the credentials of your website and how to access the Administration Area of your website. You can also access the Administration area of your website from Muse or Dreamweaver.
    • In the Administration area of your website just click “Push Site Live” and the site will change the status from temporary to live.


    What are the limitations of the Business Catalyst websites that come with Creative Cloud?

         You will be limited to 100 MB of storage and 1 extra user (could be your customer). You are not entitled to emails, SMSes or newsletters for this web plan.


    Can I buy more users? Can I buy more space? Can I buy emails?

         These options will be available later in 2013.


    Where can I see a list with all my Business Catalyst websites?

         You will be able to see a list with all your website on your Creative Cloud Dashboard and with their status (temporary or live).


    What happens if I cancel or stop paying my Creative Cloud subscription?

         Each live website (among the free websites that come with Creative Cloud) will stay live for another 30 days. You will have time to decide whether you want to keep it live or you want to delete it.  You will be prompted to upgrade your website to a regular Business Catalyst site plan.

         After these 30 days, your website will enter in temporary mode. When entering the temporary mode, your custom domain name will be removed from the website. You will have to reactivate it, if you decide to pay for your website directly with Business Catalyst.

         If you are inactive on a temporary website, it will automatically be deleted.


    How do I know how many sites I still have to claim?

         You will be able to see this information on your Creative Cloud Dashboard


    Can I host more sites on Adobe Business Catalyst ?

         Of course you can. When all your Creative Cloud websites have been claimed, when you click on “Push Site Live” button from the Administration area of a temporary site, you will be redirected to a webpage where you can choose the site plan of your website and you will be required payment details. For more information, visit the pricing page and site plans for Business Catalyst.