Cannot "Get started" or publish a site from Dreamweaver CS6 because the account is not associated with Business Catalyst account - technote

Version 3

    This technote will show how you can solve the issue you have just encountered when trying "Get started" the Business Catalyst extension from Dreamweaver CS6



    I cannot "Get Started" the Business Catalyst extension from Dreamweaver CS6. This is the error message I receive: "An account with the same email already exists in Business Catalyst. To associate the Business Catalyst account with your AdobeID, please log in to the Business Catalyst web administration console."


    Setup (or impacted users or workflow)

    This is the workflow I’m doing:

    - I have previously login to Dreamweaver CS5.5 or an older version with an old BC account

    - I have installed Dreamweaver CS6 and kept the same account

    - I have/haven't an AdobeID, but I didn't sign in with it in Dreamweaver CS6.

    - I try to "Get started" the Business Catalyst extension and I receive the following error message:






    This issue happens only when an old Business Catalyst account is associated with the login credentials of Dreamweaver CS6.


    You will need to follow these steps in order to solve it:

    1. Go to Help -> Deactivate...



    2. Deactivate successfully the Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 and close the application



    3. Re-open Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 and when the "Sign In Required" screen appears, choose your correct Adobe ID



    If you run into any other issues, please contact the Business Catalyst support team by clicking the Help & Support button on your site.