How do I view CQ server logs for a system hosted on Cloud Manager?

    Follow these steps:


    1. Log in to Cloud Manager.
    2. Obtain the IP address of the CQ cloud author instance for which you want to view the logs.
    3. Using PuTTYgen, convert the PEM file that you used to create the CQ configuration in Cloud Manager to a PPK file supported by PuTTY.

      You can download PuTTYgen from this URL
    4. Run the PuTTY SSH terminal tool. You can download the tool from this URL.
    5. When prompted, enter the IP address of the CQ author instance as the Host Name.
    6. Expand Connection > SSH in the left pane and then select Auth.
    7. Browse and navigate to the PPK file you generated in step 3. Click Open.
    8. If you see a PuTTY security alert, click Yes to continue.
    9. Log in to the SSH terminal as root. You won't need to enter a password.
    10. View the CQ author instance logs at /mnt/crx/author/crx-quickstart/logs.