Offline Processing FAQ - Post R177 release

Version 6

    What passwords do I need to access my customer credit card information:


    You will need the 3 passwords mentioned below:



    • Adobe Business Catalyst / Adobe ID password: You will need this to log in to the admin of your site.
    • Offline Payment Password: you will use it to edit your Payment Gateways/Process Offline page and to view passphrases for your PDF docs. The Offline Payment Password has to be changed every 90 days and the user will be automatically redirected to the change workflow at the end of this time frame.
    • Passphrase: This is needed to open the secure PDF files. Every order/PDF will have a unique passphrase that you can find in the custom order screen under the 'Offline payments' section.


    Can I use an email address that’s not an Admin on the site? ?


    Yes, however this user will not be able to access the passphrases if they can’t login to the Admin Console of the site.




    Does every user that receives PDFs have to setup his own Offline Payment Password, to access the passphrases?


    Yes, the Offline Payment Password has to be set for every user who accesses the passphrases or the payment gateway settings.


    I already have a passphrase set up for offline processing, can I use this?


    Your passphrase will work for any orders created prior to the changes. You will not be able to use your existing passphrase with any new orders. Every new order will have a unique passphrase that is retrieved by entering the offline payment password in the customer order screen.


    Step-by-step workflow for existing and new accounts


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