Delay in FMS 4.5 HTTP Streaming

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    I am using HTTP Streaming with FMS 4.5. There is a 10-second delay for the video to reach on the receiver end. My application is of an interactive nature (presentation) and this delay is too long. The presentation slides change and the video reaches the audience late.


    Is there a way I can reduce the delay to under 5 seconds?




    In HDS Live the fragment is first written to the disk. When the write is complete it is updated in the bootstrap and sent to the client. The client then requests for the fragment, receives it and then plays it back. Now here is the problem: by default the fragment duration is set to 4 seconds in livepkgr, so there will be a 4 second delay till the fragment is written onto the disk. (Reducing the fragment duration to lower is not recommended). The the bootstrap file is updated and sent to client. The client has the request for fragments and the playback the fragment. These activities may take another 2-3 seconds or more depending upon your network conditions. So reducing the delay to less than 5 seconds is very difficult.


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