Publishing multi-bitrate live streams for iOS

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    I'm having difficulties publishing multi-bitrate live streams that can be viewed on an iPad/iPhone.


    I'm running Flash Media Server 4.5, and have followed Adobe's Tutorial on streaming live media (http) using HLS found here: a0-8000.html#WS0432746db30523c21e63e3d12e8340f669-8000


    After completing the above tutorial, the video can be seen just fine on my desktop computer via the flash plug-in, but it's not working in iOS...


    When I go to what I believe to be the proper URL, (,  I get an error message on my iPhone and iPad saying "The operation could not be completed".


    I have created two set-level manifest files (one .f4m and one .m3u8) for the live stream using the Set Level F4M/M3U8 File Generator and saved them to the WebRoot directory.




    Flush everything uder applications/livepkgr/streams ".


    That will solve the issue of no video/green video screen/distorted "banded" video. 


    Modify the Event.xml file file as follows:




    Also, be sure to rename the EventID to match your event name, (for example:  <EventID>myevent</EventID> ).


    Lastly, edit the FMLE config file:




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