How to disable progressive downloads

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    I have an FMS interactive  server configured to do RTMP and HLS streaming. However, the clips still can be downloaded through folder. Is there a way to disable progressive downloads? Is there a way to disable HDS too? I want to allow HLS and RTMP only.




    The reason for your data being available for progressive dowload is because of the existense of webroot. Webroot/<extendend-path> is by default available to any client via http://server-name/<extendend-path> unless you have taken measures to protect it inside Apache's httpd.conf.


    Keep your content outside Apache's webroot.For instance, C:/myvideos/.


    Now, you can change the location "HttpStreamingContentPath" pointing to from "../webroot/vod" to "c:/myvideos/" under hls-vod inside httpd.conf (Apache/conf):


    <Location /hls-vod>

        HLSHttpStreamingEnabled true

        HLSMediaFileDuration 8000

        HttpStreamingContentPath "C:/myvideos/"

        HLSFmsDirPath ".."

        HLSJITConfAllowed true

       Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks



    Or you can disable(modify) content availibilty by making appropriate changes unders in httpd.conf:


    <Directory "../webroot">

        Options -Indexes FollowSymLinks

        AllowOverride None

        Order allow,deny

        Allow from all



    To disable HDS-Live, set "HttpStreamingEnabled" to false under hds-live location directive:


    <Location /hds-live>

        HttpStreamingEnabled false


    To disable HDS-vod, set "HttpStreamingJITPEnabled" to false under hds-vod location directive:


    <Location /hds-vod>

        HttpStreamingJITPEnabled false


    To disable HDS-vod offline fragmented content, set "HttpStreamingEnabled" to false under vod location directive:


    <Location /vod>

        HttpStreamingEnabled false


    You need to restart the Apache server after making the changes..


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