Latest release (R177) deployed  - known issues and FAQ

Version 14

    [Last Update: July 3rd, 16:11 AM GMT]

    Here is the list of issues identified after the latest release deployment:


    ==== Known issues (issues investigated or under investigation) ====



    1. Blog post URLs malformed in Admin, when no the site has no domain marked as Default [old issue, not injected by this release. Will be fixed in the next release]


    There's an issue with blog post URLs in admin. When looking at a blog post, there's nothing between http:// and the slug e.g. http:///_blog/frederic/post/test_for_iframe.

    This does not affect the rendering on the site front-end though.


    Workaround: set a domain as default in the list of domains under Site Settings - > Site Domains




    2. On all new sites the blog author is set to System_ [old issue, not injected by this release. Will be fixed in the next release]


    If you create a new blank template site the Author name will be set to System_ and that's what will be rendered on the frontend as well.





    3. Investigating reports of sites not working properly when using .less CSS files [investigated, not an issue]


    This has been investigated by the engineering team. They determined that the include of the css files has not been done properly. The rel attribute should be set to

    rel="stylesheet/less" type, not rel="stylesheet"

    So the .less files should be included like this:

    <link href="/test.less" rel="stylesheet/less" media="screen,projector,print" />



    4. Cannot setup Offline Payment (OP) password , when using the latest version of Firefox [under investigation]


    This is currently under investigation by the development team.

    Workaround: Use another browser, like Chrome or Internet Explorer. Please contact the support team if you are still not able to get this working properly.


    ==== FAQ ====


    Q: I'm trying to open the credit card encrypted PDF with my old password, and it's not working. How do I open the pdf?

    A: The workflow for offline payments has changed. Please follow the steps listed in this blog post:




    ==== List of fixed issues ====

    [FIXED] Old Help & Support page is displayed for partner users that try to access the Help & Support page from a site that's not under their Partner Portal.

    Workaround: Access the Help & Support page from a site under your Partner Portal.


    [FIXED] The blog editor is stripping iframes


    If I paste the following code inside the blog editor and save, the iframe code will be stripped:


    <div style="width: 560px; margin:auto 0;">

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src=" _policy=3" frameborder="0"></iframe>




    [FIXED] The blog editor appending "x_" to class names



    Go to your blog and create a new post

    Add <p class="someclass">test</p> to the post body

    Publish the post and go to the front end and view the code and you'll find that the class has "x_" in it




    [FIXED] Error occurs if navigating to Admin > Import Data in V2


    In V2, if you navigate to Admin > Import Data, the generic ‘An Error Occurred’ error message will display.


    Workaround: import the data using the new (v3) interface.



    [FIXED] Cannot setup only PayPal standard as payment gateway


    You can't save the Payment gateway page when you only enter the PayPal standard settings. The workaround is to also select a Payment Gateway option (like Process Offline)




    [FIXED] Cannot setup new comment rules

    The Manage New Comment Rules interface is blank when opening in from Admin or AdminConsole


    [FIXED] Custom reports not working properly on a specific site


    We have identified a site for which custom reports (Customers and Orders) are not working properly. Issue is under investigation by the development team