Latest release (R178) - known issues and FAQ

Version 19

    ==== Known issues (issues investigated or under investigation) ====


    1. If you have the content approval enabled for your pages or templates the user who made the update to the page or template will not receive the confirmation once an administrator approves or rejects his changes.


    This is what happens in more detail:


         -user A makes a change to a webpage that has the content approval options enabled

         -all the users in the role set to approve the content will receive a notification via email asking them to review user A's changes

         -one of the  users in the approval role approves or rejects the changes

         -at this point user A should receive an email informing him the content changes have been approved or rejected, this email is not sent



    ==== FAQ ====


    Q: Why am I prompted to choose a security question?

    A: The first time you use your offline password for offline payments you will be prompted to choose a security question. This question and the answer you will choose are to be used to reset your offline password should you forget it.




    Q: I can no longer reset an user's password from the Partner Portal.

    A: The "Reset password" link from the Partner Portal has been removed because of security implications as it allowed partners to view a user password; to reset an admin user password you can login into the site admin console and use the send password recovery email link from the Admin Users interface.




    Q: On the detail view of a grouped product the Facebook comments box remains on "loading" after selecting another group member like so:


    A: With this release we have introduced social media support for groupped products. In order to correct this issue please see this technote.

    ==== List of fixed issues ====


    1. When trying to "Approve" or "Reject" a workflow step the "An error occurred" error appears.

    2. After logging into a secure zone the site visitor is being redirected to /_System/SystemPages/General instead of the secure zone’s landing page - this issue is being investigated and will be addressed today.

    3. Some links in email campaigns redirect users to your site's home page rather than the actual URL specificed in your campaign content.

    4. When switching between the V2 and V3 Admin console on https:// and open up the payment details panel for an order the system switched to http.

    5. In the Admin console the order details are not visible when opening orders from the "Recent items" or from the Live feed.