Adobe® Edge Inspect 1.0 Release Notes (French)

Version 7

    Adobe Edge Inspect version 1.0 is now in full public release.


    Formerly known as Shadow, Edge Inspect is available on, the iTunes Store, Google Play market, Chrome Web Store, and the Amazon Appstore for Android. You should update all the pieces of Shadow you had previously installed on your computer and devices.


    If you need help, please ask in the Edge Inspect Community Forums.



    Features in Edge Inspect 1.0

    1. Synchronized Browsing and Refreshing (Device Pairing) Wirelessly pair multiple iOS and Android devices to your computer. With Edge Inspect, you browse in Chrome, and all connected devices will stay in sync. (Connecting more than one device concurrently is an Edge Inspect full version feature)
    2. Remote Inspection —Target a device for Remote Inspection and using familiar development tools, make changes to your HTML, CSS and JavaScript and see your device update instantly. Edge Inspect uses a hosted weinre server on, and allows advanced users to select a custom weinre server.
    3. Screenshots — Press a single button to grab screenshots from all your connected devices and easily save & send them to colleagues. Screenshots are transferred to your computer, to a directory you can specify. (Screenshots are an Edge Inspect full version feature)
    4. Localhost URL support — Edge Inspect works with URLs containing localhost, and On Mac OS X, it also works with machine.local URIs.
    5. Hide/Show Edge Inspect UI on devices — Using the Fullscreen toggle control in the Edge Inspect Chrome Extension will hide and show the Edge Inspect UI on devices, providing full use of the screen for your viewport.
    6. HTTP Authentication support — Browse to URLs that require HTTP authentication, and see the login/password form on Edge Inspect devices. If your URL contains the login id/password, Edge Inspect devices will authenticate without the form. (e.g., using a URL like:
    7. Cache Management — Use the Refresh button on Edge Inspect devices to clear the cache on one device, and the Refresh All button in the Edge Inspect Chrome Extension to clear the cache for all connected Edge Inspect devices.
    8. URL Monitoring — Edge Inspect works with Single-page apps that change URL parameters or navigate to new states using '#' anchors. Edge Inspect monitors the Address Bar in Google Chrome, and sends updates to Edge Inspect devices as they happen.
    9. HTTPS Support — Use unsigned SSL certificates during development. Connected Edge Inspect devices will provide a dialog prompting you to accept an unsigned certificate.
    10. Amazon Kindle Fire support — Edge Inspect is available in the Amazon Appstore for Android, and can be installed easily on Kindle Fire devices.