Adobe® Edge Inspect FAQ / Known Issues (French)

Version 5

    Frequently asked questions

    General Product Questions

    What is Edge Inspect?

    Edge Inspect allows you to easily pair multiple smartphones and tablets with your computer and enables you to work more efficiently by providing synchronous browsing, remote inspection and the ability to take screenshots of your mobile web content from connected devices.Edge Inspect saves you from having to type URLs in your device’s browser, and remotely controls the devices to stay in sync as you browse in Google Chrome. When you identify a problem on a device, Edge Inspect lets you use remote inspection to inspect the DOM from the device using familiar web inspection tools, and shows changes on the device instantly. Edge Inspect also keeps your devices’ screens from dimming or falling asleep, provides easy cache clearing, and allows you to easily grab screenshots from your devices.

    Who should use Edge Inspect?

    Edge Inspect is ideal for web developers and designers struggling with how to preview mobile web content. Edge Inspect enables you to work faster and more efficiently by streamlining the preview and inspection of websites for mobile devices. You can easily pair multiple smartphones and tablets with your computer and customize designs for different form-factors in real time.

    What do I need to use Edge Inspect?

    You will need the Edge Inspect application for Mac or Windows, Google Chrome and the Edge Inspect Chrome Extension, and the Edge Inspect apps from the iTunes Store, Android Market and Amazon Kindle Store. Edge Inspect can be used in conjunction with any integrated development environment (IDE) or text editor, including Adobe Edge Code and Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, to fit into nearly any mobile web development workflow.

    Is Edge Inspect a part of the Creative Cloud?

    Yes. Edge Inspect is available in the following ways:

      • Connect one device with Edge Inspect – available with free Creative Cloud membership.
      • Connect unlimited devices with Edge Inspect – available with full Creative Cloud membership, or through a month-to-month subscription to Edge Inspect for $9.99.

    Adobe Creative Cloud free membership:

      • The free membership includes other Adobe Edge Tools & Services and limited usage of Adobe PhoneGap Build.
      • Powerful file synching and sharing features, 2GB of storage space, free levels of Adobe services, and access to 30-day trials of all CS6 applications and other Adobe desktop applications are also included.

    Adobe Creative Cloud full membership:

      • The full membership includes other Adobe Edge Tools & Services, and the full versions of Edge Inspect and PhoneGap Build.
      • In addition, Adobe Creative Suite® desktop tools and new internet-based services are included with the full membership.

    Learn more about the Adobe Creative Cloud here

    Is Edge Inspect only available as a subscription product?

    Yes. Edge Inspect is available on a monthly subscription basis.

    How do I get updates to Edge Inspect? Will there be charges for updates?

    Edge Inspect updates will be available to all Creative Cloud members.

    In what languages and regions is Edge Inspect available?

    Edge Inspect is currently available in the following languages: English and French. We intend to add additional language in the coming months.

    Is Edge Inspect included in any of the Adobe Creative Suite™ offerings?

    No, Edge Inspect is not part of Adobe Creative Suite software. Edge Inspect is available to Creative Cloud members.

    How does Edge Inspect differ from emulators and simulators for reviewing web mobile content?

    Edge Inspect is not an emulator or simulator; it works on your computer and actual devices. Edge Inspect does not suffer from the many problems and deficiencies that emulators and simulators have. Edge Inspect also has integrated support for weinre (weinre is an open source project based on WebKit’s Web Inspector, similar to FireBug, except it's designed to work remotely, and in particular, to allow you debug web pages directly on a mobile device such as a phone.)

    I am having problems with Edge Inspect, how do I get help?

    Visit the Edge Inspect Community forum.

    Technical Questions

    What computer Operating Systems does Edge Inspect run on?

    Edge Inspect currently supports Mac (OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8),  Windows 7 and Windows 8.It will not run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux.

    Are the Edge Inspect mobile clients free?

    Yes, the Edge Inspect mobile clients are available in the marketplaces as free applications. You may install them on as many devices as you have.

    Will Adobe be creating Edge Inspect native mobile clients for other mobile operating systems?

    As market conditions change, Adobe will consider providing support for the most popular mobile operating systems. At this time, iOS and Android native mobile clients are available.

    Why can't I connect more than one device at a time?

    Edge Inspect has two pricing options, a free version, which allows only one device to be connected at a time, and a full version which allows an unlimited number of devices to be connected simultaneously. If you have subscribed to the full version of Edge Inspect and receive the message "Use of multiple devices is an Edge Inspect full version feature. Upgrade now to enable additional features." when you try to connect a second device, try signing yourself out of the Edge Inspect application and then back in to resolve the issue. If you want to upgrade to the full version, follow the link in that message, or click here to upgrade.

    Why does Edge Inspect sometimes seem to drain the battery on my device quickly?

    The Edge Inspect mobile apps are designed to automatically reconnect to a lost connection. So if the wireless connection drops out or the user closes Edge Inspect on their computer any connected devices will continually try to reconnect. The result of this is that the device screen does not dim/sleep and the wireless radio is being used to attempt to reconnect. This can drain the battery quickly. A best practice is to work with devices that are connected to their charger and to close or hide the Edge Inspect app on the device when it is not actively in use.

    Why are new URLs and page refreshes slow to load in my connected devices sometimes?

    A weak wireless network signal will affect the performance of Edge Inspect. Do what you can to improve your wireless signal strength to improve connectivity and performance.

    Why aren't all the interactions with my desktop page reflected on the connected devices?

    Edge Inspect works by listening for URL changes in the Chrome browser on your computer. When a change to that URL is detected, Edge Inspect pushes the new URL out to the connected devices. Interactions such as AJAX/CSS state changes, forms interactivity, and page scrolls that do not update the URL will not be detected. We are investigating ways to improve this functionality to detect more page interactions and keep the devices more closely synchronized with the computer's browser.

    How does remote inspection work in Edge Inspect?

    Edge Inspect uses a tool called weinre (pronounced "winery") to do remote inspection on devices. You can get more information about weinre here: . For weinre to work, the web page must be instrumented to act as a debug target by including a script tag that references a JavaScript file with the weinre debug API. When you click the remote inspection tool for a device, Edge Inspect causes your page to reload on that device and injects a snippet of JavaScript into the page being tested. The page is instrumented, the weinre server gets the results (this may take several seconds or longer), and a weinre window should appear in the Chrome browser on the computer running Edge Inspect. To make things simpler for you to get started doing remote inspection, the Edge Inspect team is hosting a weinre server (at that the Edge Inspect application uses by default. This means that you don't have to host your own server, but it also means that the network you're using Edge Inspect on must be connected to the Internet to be able to see the default weinre server.

    Can I host my own weinre server for remote inspection?

    Yes. Edge Inspect allows you to specify your own weinre server. This will allow you to use the remote inspection feature on a network that isn't connected to the Internet or to ensure the content you are previewing and inspecting is kept secure. You can find instructions for setting up your own weinre instance here:

    Does Edge Inspect support localhost (or or <machinename>.local) URLs?

         Yes. You should be able to reference a localhost URL and it should be understood and reachable by all your connected devices.

    I'm using a localhost URL, it's viewable from my computer, but none of my devices can see it. Why?

    If you are using a URL in one of the following general formats:

    and your connected devices cannot see it throught Edge Inspect, the problem is mostly likely due to one of the following issues...

      1. Your web server (e.g. WAMP/MAMP) is not online and hosting the site for incoming IP addresses. Check the settings and put the site online.
      2. Your computer has a hardware/software firewall or other security software that is blocking the incoming request for the site. Find the software and either shut it down or configure it to allow Edge Inspect access to your computer.


    Does Edge Inspect support Virtual Hosts or local domains specified in the hosts file on my computer?

    Yes, with additional software. When you modify the hosts file on your computer, those entries are only available on that computer, so the devices connected via Edge Inspect aren't aware what URL / IP address they should actually browse to. However, it is possible to enable this workflow in Edge Inspect by making use of proxy software. Read the Edge Inspect team blog articles to learn how to use Edge Inspect with virtual hosts:

    Does Edge Inspect support accepting unsigned or self-signed security certificates?

    Yes. Previewing a site in Edge Inspect with an unsigned or self-signed security certificate should function identically to the native browsers on the devices.


    Known Issues


    Automatic Discovery doesn't work across different Subnets

    Edge Inspect uses Bonjour (Zeroconf) to enable device clients to discover desktops to connect to. Bonjour doesn't broadcast across subnets so wireless devices will not be able to automatically discover computers running Edge Inspect on a different subnet. You should still be able to use Edge Inspect, but you will have to manually connect the device to the desktop by clicking the + (plus) button in the upper right corner of the device client Connections list.


    Shared desktops

    The Edge Inspect application running on your computer is installed and run for the individual user, not as a service. This means that if you log in as another user and run the Edge Inspect application it will be treated as if it were running on a completely different computer. Devices paired and remembered for the previous user won't be available, and though devices will remember the computer running the Edge Inspect application, they will need to be paired again as if it were brand new. Things should work as they did previously if you log in with the previous user credentials.


    Context menu in weinre

    The context menu (right-click) in weinre is the context menu for Chrome, not weinre. Right-click -> Inspect Element in weinre will inspect the Chrome weinre window not your device.


    Mobile devices cannot pair with a Desktop

    Edge Inspect relies on your local area network for communication. Many VPN services will seal your connected machine off from your local area network when the VPN tunnel is open. Edge Inspect will not work in this situation. Check with your VPN administrator to determine if there are settings which will allow you to access your local area network while connected to VPN.


    Port 7682 is required by Edge Inspect. If another application or service is using that port you must either reconfigure it to use a different port or close it so that Edge Inspect can work.


    iOS - Orientation flip

    If the media query on a page is specifically only for portrait, the UIWebView that Edge Inspect uses can be confused with this if you open the page in portrait and switch to landscape. This is an issue with iOS and is reproducible in the native Safari Browser.


    Media Queries

    If you’re testing with media queries all in one stylesheet, while testing, put them in individual stylesheets. This is a current limitation with weinre that needs to be fixed. weinre has no problem with media queries as long as they’re each linked separately and not created as @media blocks in your CSS. For now, the simple workaround is to separate them while testing.



    The browser components used by Edge Inspect (WebView / UIWebView) will, by default, cache webpages browsed. To clear the cache, refresh the page, and get the latest files, use the Refresh selection available in the options menu in the upper right corner of the Edge Inspect device client, or use the Refresh All option in the Edge Inspect Chrome extension to refresh all devices at once.


    Page Updates on Devices

    The Edge Inspect Chrome extension currently sends a URL out to your devices whenever the URL in Chrome changes. If you click on any link or control that updates the page you are viewing in Chrome without updating the URL, your devices will not be updated. The common scenario where this can occur is clicking a page element that swaps page content but does not modify the URL (e.g. how Twitter and Facebook do page updates).


    If you are viewing a page in Chrome that is using JavaScript to automatically reload itself, you may see your devices reload more frequently than expected. Each time the page reloads in the Chrome browser, Edge Inspect will tell the devices to load that URL. Since the devices are already displaying a page that is reloading itself, each reload could happen twice. If you want to use JavaScript to automatically reload a page, you can browse to the page and then turn off Synchronized Browsing in the Chrome extension. This will allow the pages on all the devices to auto-reload themselves. If for some reason your devices get out of sync, simply turn Synchronized Browsing back on and Edge Inspect will send your current URL out to all your devices.


    Windows XP is not supported

    Edge Inspect does not run on Windows XP.


    Browsing local content

    Browsing local content is supported. However, Edge Inspect requires an HTTP server to serve the content. It cannot access files via the file:/// protocol. If you’re using Mac OS X, you can use the built-in Apache server, or set up something like MAMP. On Windows, you can use something like WAMP or XAMPP.


    Typekit fonts not displaying

    If you are using Typekit fonts on your website and they are not displaying in Edge Inspect on your device, republish your kit from Typekit to ensure you are using the latest version. See this discussion for more information: Why might Mobile Safari render Typekit fonts differently than UIWebView? If you are working on a development server (e.g. localhost), be sure to add the domain to your Kit Settings on Typekit:


    WebKitErrorDomain error 101 on iOS devices

    Certain types of long URLs cause an issue on iOS devices that cause the UIWebView to display the error message "The operation could not be completed. WebKitErrorDomain error 101". This is an issue with the iOS UIWebView, we are working on narrowing down which URLs are problematic and working on solving this issue.


    The Edge Inspect Chrome extension shows an Android device is disconnected, but the device still thinks it is connected

    Some Android devices and some types of connection loss will be missed by the websocket events. For the time being at least, this is a fact of life. If you run into this issue, click on the Connections button and choose the computer running Edge Inspect again. We are investigating whether or not we can fix this issue.