August release FAQ

Version 4

    The new August release has been deployed on all datacenters. Here's what was included in this release: se_Akismet_integrations,_cookies_regaulations_and_new_taxation_engine/


    Please read below for a list of frequently asked questions and answers:


    ==== Known issues ====


    1. After changing a blog's title it takes 5 minutes for the modification to appear in the site's front-end. Please note this only affects the blog post listing, the "detail" view is unaffected, the changes propagate right away.


    This issue has already been fixed by the Engineering team and a fix will be deployed later this week.

    ==== FAQ ====


    Q: How do I enable automatic spam protection mechanism that was released (Akismet integration)


    A: To enable it go to Modules->Comments ->Actions - > Manage New comment rules and tick the checkboxes for the items you want to enable it on:


    For the first few weeks after enabling it, please remember to check the comments posted on the site by going to Modules->Comments and looking at the approved comments and the ones marked as Spam and review them for false positives or false negatives.



    Q: After enabling automatic spam protection (Akismet) on my site, I get a lot of false positives / false negatives. Why is that?


    A: Since not all sites are equal, one comment might be considered spam for a site, and not for another one. To cope with this, the automatic spam detection engine that we're using is  learning from your actions. When it marks a comment as spam and then you approve it manually, the engine will learn that this is actually not spam and next time it would behave differently. To make sure that the spam detection filter is optimized for your site, please train it by checking your site's comments and correcting any false positives and negatives.


    Note: You can see your comments by going to Modules > Comments in the admin console of your site.




    Q: After enabling the automatic spam protection (Akismet) on my site, the comments that are posted on the site appear on the site with some delay. Why is that?


    A: This is happening because the spam protection mechanism needs to review the comment text. After the comments are submitted on the site, they are kept in a pending state for a few minutes, until the spam protection mechanism analyses the comment text.




    Q: How can I enable site visitors to disable non-essential cookies from the site?


    A: Starting with the August release, website developers can insert a BC module to enable an opt-out mechanism. To insert this module on a page follow the directions listed in this article:

    After this, you can link to that page from the site's Privacy Policy or from an element (like a site footer) that is present on all the site pages.




    Q: Where can I find a list of cookies the Business Catalyst uses?


    A: The cookies that are used are listed on this page:





    Q: What's the new taxation engine, and how can I enable it on my site?


    A: For more details on the new taxation engine and how it can be enabled, please have a look at this article: