Adobe® Edge Inspect Installation Guide

Version 4

    After you've downloaded and installed the Edge Inspect application for your computer there are still a couple of things you need to do to start using Edge Inspect.

    1. Install the Chrome Extension

    Google Chrome must be installed as all interactions with devices are controlled from the Edge Inspect Chrome Extension.

    Download the Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store:


    2. Bonjour Setup

    Edge Inspect uses Bonjour to provide auto discovery for devices. Windows users must have Bonjour installed to be able to auto-discover computers running Edge Inspect.



    For your convenience the Bonjour Installer is available in your Edge Inspect installation folder.

    You may launch the Bonjour Installer at a later time from:

    • Win32: \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Edge Inspect\BonjourPSSetup.exe
    • Win64: \Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Edge Inspect\BonjourPSSetup.exe

    Note: You may need to restart the Edge Inspect application after installing Bonjour.

    OS X

    Bonjour is enabled by default. No action is required.

    3. Install Edge Inspect Device Clients

    For each device you want to use with Edge Inspect, navigate the device to the appropriate store. Search for "Edge Inspect" and download and install the free Edge Inspect app on your device(s).


    4. Connect your devices to your computer

    • Make sure your computer and devices are all on the same wireless network.
    • Start the Edge Inspect application on your computer and the Edge Inspect apps on each of your devices.
    • Let the devices discover the computer via Bonjour, or manually connect them by entering the IP address.
    • Enter the passcode for each device in the Edge Inspect Chrome extension to perform a one-time pairing process, then begin previewing and inspecting. Enjoy!