September release (R180) FAQ

Version 3

    The new september release will be deployed on all datacenters on .... Here is what is included in this release.


    Please read below for a list of frequently asked questions and answers:


    ==== FAQ ====

    Q: How do I disable captcha for blog post comments, now that you have Akismet available?



    A: Go to Site Settings -> Captcha and make sure that "Enforce captcha validation for Comments" checkbox is unchecked. Next go to Module Templates -> Blog Layouts -> Blog Post Details Layout and remove the {module_captchav2} module and the JavaScript Validation code highlighted in this screenshot:





    Q: I've just noticed the new campaign templates, but I had designed some custom templates for my clients in my partner portal. What templates will my client see?


    A: If you assign a custom template to the customer site from Partner Portal he will only see that template when building email marketing campaigns. However if no template is associated with the site then the customer will see the default Business Catalyst marketing templates.



    Q: Where can I have access to the old email campaign templates?


    Please see our blog post for release R180 for the link to a zip file which contains those templates.




    Q: I have just seen the "Exclude" list feature in Email Campaigns. If a user is in both lists (one to send the campaign to, and one to exclude from) will he receive the campaign or not?


    A: No, they won't receive the campaign if they are in the Exclude list


    Q: I have tried to add the "template=/path.html" parameter to a module but it does not work. Is there a specific list of modules that this attribute works with?


    A:  Please find below the list of modules where you can apply your own templates as attributes:











        module_industrycontentresults, module_webappsresults




        module_productresults, module_productresultsold






        module_productfeaturelist - it does not have a customizable template, but uses the product template to render each product.



    The template parameter will specify an alternate template to be used when rendering each product.




    Q: I've added the MX record to point to Google mail is there something else I need to do here?


    A: Please have a look at this article that will provide you all the steps that you need to follow here -


    Also you might need to create a SPF record for this. In order to do this please go to Site Settings-> Side Domains -> More actions -> New Advanced DNS Record and create the record using the following data in the Record Data field: "v=spf1 mx ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ~all"