September release (R180) Known Issues

Version 5

    Here is the list of known issues after the release, with their current status updated:


    ==== Resolved issues ====


    1. The Module Manager Toolbox is not displayed when trying to edit a webapp item. [issue fixed in a hot-patch]


    When clicking on the Module Manager icon on the webapp item screen, nothing happens. The Module Manager interface is not displayed



    2. "An error occurred" is displayed when the Module Manager (Toolbox) is displayed. [issue fixed in a hot-patch]


    This issue is happening only for some sites. It happens only if you have webapp items that have special chaaracters in their name (pipe: |, slash / or backslash \)


    Workaround: Rename the webapp items and replace those special characters with something else (like dash -  or underscore _ )



    3. When trying to delete a webapp item from the site front-end, the user gets this message: "ERROR: Invalid request method" and the webapp item is not delete. [issue fixed in a hot-patch]


    This issue has been escalated to the development team for further investigation. Most likely it will be fixed in another hot-patch that will be deployed on the production servers.