FTP support discontinued effective December 12th 2012

Version 1

    As mentioned in October release announcement, we will close regular, plain text FTP support on December 12th.


    If you are using FTP to connect to your sites, you need to switch to the SFTP protocol.


    Business Catalyst now supports the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) protocol when connecting to sites remotely via Dreamweaver and other supported clients. The SFTP protocol encrypts both user credentials (username/password) and the actual data being transferred.


    We recommend that all users switch to using the SFTP protocol starting today, to ensure the security of sites being connected to. New sites setup in Dreamweaver will already use SFTP by default.


    For information on making the switch and a list of supported clients, please refer to the following article: Connecting to your site using SFTP.  The switch is as easy as:

    1. Editing your connection in Dreamweaver or preferred FTP client
    2. Changing the protocol from FTP to SFTP

      SFTP support


    More details about this can be found in the blog post: http://www.businesscatalyst.com/_blog/BC_Blog/post/Reminder_Please_switch_to_SFTP_by_Decem ber_12/