14 Key Photoshop Touch Tutorials

Version 2

    Here are some Photoshop Touch tutorials to view as well as download as a PDF.


    To Start:


    Learn about Layers and Selections

    Learn the fundamentals about using layers and selections to create a photo collage.


    How to Replace Colors

    Change the color of an object while retaining its texture, shading and detail.


    Editing Fundamentals:


    How to Clean up a Background

    Remove unwanted background clutter while protecting parts of your image that you want to keep.


    How to Add People to Images

    Combine separate photos of people to make it appear as though they were together when the image was shot

    How to add a Drop Shadow to Text

    Learn to create text, give it a custom color, rotate or resize it, and add a drop shadow to add dimension.


    How to create a Tilt-Shift Effect

    Create the impression of a miniature landscape with this popular photographic technique.


    How to create a Smooth Image Blend

    Combine two photos seamlessly using a gradient within the Add Fade feature. You control where the fade starts and stops.



    Add Creative Effects:


    How to Add Dramatic Blur

    Add a sense of motion and mystery to your photo by isolating your subject and using a motion blur on your background.


    How to Add a Tattoo

    Add a tattoo by transforming and applying a simple graphic to any area of skin in a photo.


    How to create Photo Frames

    Create a quick frame for your photo. Then use effects to add texture, dimension and shading.


    How to Paint with Effects

    Make the subject of your photo really stand out by painting your images with special effects.


    How to Make a Painting

    Experiment with different painting styles. Use a variety of brush stroke effects to create different looks.


    How to achieve a Antique Photo Look

    Apply a sepia tone and a few other effects to make your photo look like it was created 100 years ago


    How to create a Colored Pencil Sketch

    Turn your color photograph into a crosshatched pencil sketch in a few easy steps.