December release (R182) Known Issues

Version 8

    Here is the list of known issues after the release, with their current status updated:


    ==== Resolved issues ====


    1. Add to Cart button not working if you've used custom JS code to overwrite the default  AddToCart ()  [RESOLVED]


    Customers that created their own JS code to overwrite the AddToCart () function which now require more parameters, will get JS error when pressing Ad to Cart button.


    ==== Known issues ====


    1. When using Liquid, module_product and module_productlist are not rendered in the site front-end. [View workaround below]


    This issue is happening only when you use liquid on the site:



    Inside shopLayout.html, these 2 modules will not render anything:

    {module_product template="/_System/ModuleTemplates/Shop/productLarge.html" catalogId="{{}}" productId="{{}}"}

    {module_productList template="/_System/ModuleTemplates/Shop/productList.html" catalogId="{{}}" sortBy="weighting desc" itemsPerPage="24" onSale="{{Get.onSale | default:""}}" price="between({{Get.priceFrom | default:""}},{{Get.priceTo | default:""}})"}



    put the template=“..” parameter the last one in the list of params: eg: {module_product catalogId="{{}}" productId="{{}}" template="/_System/ModuleTemplates/Shop/productLarge.html"}


    2. When setting the default language inside the AdminConsole to French, the dashboard main chart and other charts from the reports are not loading [issue to be solved in a future hot-patch]


    This issue is happening only for the customers that have setup the language to French, inside the Admin.



    Going to the customer name and changing the default language from My details into French (Francais) will break the main chart on the dashboard and the charts form the reports.



    Change the language into one of the other languages existing in the list.


    ==== Issues under investigation ====


    None at this point.