January Release (R183) FAQ

Version 7

    The new January release will be deployed on all datacenters today, on January 22nd.

    Please refer to our official blog post for feature highlights and other major improvements for this release. Also, please check this forum document for minor improvements and bug fixes: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5012965


    Please read below for a list of frequently asked questions and answers:



    ==== FAQ ====



    Q: I was using the v2 interface previously. I just logged in and it took me to V3. Why is this?



    A: As announced on the blog post, V3 has been made the default interface for all partner users, with the ability to switch back to the older V2 interface from the  User Details dropdown menu.

    We’re  giving you 3 months to train and make sure your clients are migrated over to  using the new V3 Admin interface, before making it the default interface for  all users starting with our April/early-May system update.



    Q: How do I get to Partner Portal, the interface has changed and I can't find the Partner Portal button any more



    A: You can access your Partner Portal by hovering over the Partner Logo shown in the top left part of your screen:






    Q: The ribbon at the top has changed, and I don't see any of the old buttons any more. How do i access the new File Manager?


    A:  The labels from new ribbon at the top have been changed to be more intuitive. From left to right:

    Preview - opens the site front-end in a new tab, so you can see your changes

    Content - opens the site in InContext Editing, so that your client can make changes

    Develop - opens the new File Manager

    Manage Site - opens the site's Administration Console



    Q: I have just logged in and gone to File Manager->Pages, and instead of the tree view of pages, I see a grid with the page names, URLs and template used. How do I get the Tree view back?


    A: To switch to Tree view, go to File Manager->Pages, and click the Tree view at the top:




    Q: How do I access the "Manage Redirects" interface to create/import 301 redirects?




    A: The Manage Redirects interface has been moved from the Pages screen, as a new sub-menu entry under Site Manager: