January release (R183) Known Issues

Version 27

    Here is the list of known issues after the release, with their current status updated:


    ==== Resolved issues ====

    1. When creating a loyalty campaign, the delivery date is automatically set to 0 (days after) upon sending.

    2. When enabling the new Ribbon to be available also in the Preview Mode of the site (from Partner Portal), it might overlap with the site’s design (especially if you use HTML elements that are positioned absolute).

    3. The overall summary chart displays an error for loyalty email campaigns.

    4. When editing pages in the Pages editor, they do not pick up the styles defined in their templates.

    5. SPAM comments are not removed from the Live feed once deleted

    6. For some sites if a site visitor attempts to view a page inside a folder that has the same name as a webapp he will be redirected to a webapp item instead of being taken to the page he tried to open.




    The issue occurs because of a hidden feature called "Partial URL matching". This feature tried to correct the webapp item's URL in case the site visitor incorrectly typed in the browser's address bar. Because until this release folders names had to be different than webapp names this was not an issue.


    Should you run into this issue please create a ticket to have the "Partial URL matching" feature disabled and stop the redirect from taking place.


    7. Offline payment password.



    It seems like there are some issues with the offline payment password that appeared after the R183 release was deployed. Meanwhile, if your clients experience login issues with offline payment password, please advise them to reset their password and they will be able to process payments.


    8. Pges that have only the 'description' metadata appear as migrated, but the description is not added in the page HTML.


    9. In some rare ocasions the "Invalid delivery date" error message is incorrectly thrown in the campaign wizard.


    ==== Known issues ====

    1. In the "List View" secured pages appear multiple times. This issue will be addresses in a future release or a hotpatch.




    If you have a page added to 2 secure zones it will appear twice in the "List View".


    ==== Issues under investigation ====

    1. Investigating some permission related issues


    This issue is currently under investigation, it appears that when creating a folder that has the same name as an existing webapp there some intermittent permission related issues.

    2. Page move via SFTP into a webapp folder


    It appeats that if one moves an already existing page into a newly created webapp folder and rename it to index.html it will not work properly

    3. Using the "Develop" view (the former Alpha File Manager) you cannot create a folder with the same name as webapp


    4. We have received one report that the custom CRM fields are not properly updated via the Update user details form.


    It appears that custom fields are not properly updated va the front-end. Regular system fields are being updated as expected. Re-inserting the "Update user details form" into the page seems to resolve the issue.