Troubleshooting Edge Code

Version 1

    System Requirements

    • Mac OSX 10.6 or newer.
    • Windows Vista/7.
    • WinXP w/ Service Pack 2.
    • You should have at least 2 GB of RAM to do Live Development.

    Can't Install Edge Code

    1. Windows Vista: Nothing happens when launching installer

    Some Windows Vista computers will block installers downloaded from the Internet, so nothing at all happens when you try to run the installer. To work around this: right-click the installer file, choose Properties, and click the Unblock button.

    2. Windows error: "Installation directory must be on a local drive"

    This can happen on some Windows machines. To work around this, try executing the installer from an elevated command prompt:
    1. Open an elevated command prompt using one of the techniques on this page:
    2. cd to the folder containing the installer.
    3. Run the installer using msiexec, e.g.: msiexec /i "Adobe Edge Code Preview X.msi" (where "X" is the preview number)

    Can't Run Edge Code

    1. Check the File Permissions

    If Edge Code won't launch, check the permissions of the main executable files (e.g. using ls -l). On Mac:
    • bin/mac/Adobe Edge Code Preview (where "X" is the preview number) should be drwxr-xr-x
    • bin/mac/Adobe Edge Code Preview should be -rwxr-xr-x
    To fix permissions, use a command like chmod +x bin/mac/Adobe Edge Code Preview archiving programs, such as Keka don't appear to preserve file permissions when unarchiving zip files. (More info here). If you run into this issue on Mac, try to unarchive the zip file by using Finder.

    3. Clear The Cache

    If you had previously used Edge Code, your cache may have information that is conflicting with the most recent version. Find your cache folder and delete the cache. Warning: this will reset all of your Edge Code preferences.

    4. Run Edge Code From The Command Line

    Next, try running Edge Code from the command line. Open up a Terminal (or Command Prompt in Windows), navigate to the executable, and run Edge Code. (On Mac, type open bin/mac/Adobe Edge Code Preview (where "X" is the preview number) Did an error appear? If so, file an issue in the forum wand we'll try to figure it out.

    Live Development Isn't Working

    Live Development Workflow with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

    Currently, Live Development works differently for different types of files:
    • For CSS, your changes are applied in the browser immediately as you type, without reloading the page.
    • For HTML and JavaScript, when you save your changes, the page is reloaded to reflect your changes.

    We plan to add as-you-type Live Development support for HTML and JavaScript content in the near future.

    Install Chrome For Multiple User Accounts (Windows Only)

    If you get the error An error occurred when launching the browser. (error 2) when doing Live Development, installing Chrome for multiple user accounts may solve the issue.

    Restart Your Computer

    If you keep getting errors when trying to launch Chrome, or if you keep getting prompted to restart Chrome, try rebooting your machine. Rebooting has resolved many odd issues with Live Development.

    Also, if you keep getting prompted to restart Chrome when switching between HTML files, make sure that you have another tab open in Chrome. This prevents Chrome from shutting down and restarting between each file, so it's much faster and smoother.

    Still Having a Problem?

    File an issue on the Brackets issues page or post here in the Edge Code Forums.