Disable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) when converting PDF to Word or Excel (Reader XI)

Version 5

    If your document already contains renderable (selectable) text, you may want to disable the ExportPDF service from performing OCR on your document. Disabling OCR may help in the following situations:

    • Speeding up large file conversions
    • Converting files that may have failed when OCR was enabled
    • Troubleshooting font-related issues encountered post-conversion.


    To disable ExportPDF's ability to recognize text, please take the following steps:


    Disable OCR in Adobe Reader XI


    Note: You cannot disable OCR if you convert from either Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or the web interface at https://cloud.acrobat.com.


    • With the PDF you want to convert open, choose Tools and click Export PDF.
    • Click Change (pictured here).




    • Within the OCR Settings dialog box, choose Disable Text Recognition (see below).




    • Click OK.
    • Click Convert to begin the conversion process.