Upgrade your Creative Cloud sites!

Version 6

    This article has been ported to Upgrade your Creative Cloud sites


    Now is the time to take your Creative Cloud site to the next level: add ecommerce, blogs, email marketing and more.  Make your site stand out and start increasing your site's impact.


    The 5 sites included in a Creative Cloud subscription are 5 fully functional webBasics sites.

    Until recently, the option to upgrade a Creative Cloud site was not available, but since we received a lot of requests from site owners that were hungry for more, with the latest release we launched the workflow that allows a Creative Cloud site owner to move the site to a higher BC site plan.


    How does that work?


    Access your site's admin area  -> Site Management -> Upgrade Now -> choose the desired site plan and billing frequency -> Add personal and credit card details -> Submit.


    CCM upgrade.png


    Please note that this operation will trigger a separate billing cycle for the higher plan, charged at the standard rates, depending on the billing frequency.


    The initial webBasics site slot will be freed up instantly so you can use it for other projects.


    More than that, you can use this workflow to add your client's billing information so the future site owner can pay for his site's hosting fee from now on.


    If you want later on to upgrade the site plan further, you will be able to to this from the Partner Portal that was triggered when you fist signed up for BC.


    Since this operation  actually launches a separate subscription, if you decide at some point to not use or pay your Creative Cloud membership anymore, the standalone BC site subscription will remain up and running.


    For any questions regarding this process, please contact the BC Partner team - BCPartner-Team@adobe.com.