Is my tablet device compatible for Photoshop Touch?

Version 2

    Tech Specs for Photoshop Touch for Tablet:



    • Android™ 3.1
    • Minimum 7-inch display
    • 1024x600 display resolution
    • Camera recommended


    • iOS 5 and higher
    • iPad 2 or later
    • iPad mini


    Language versions

    • Deutsch
    • English
    • Español
    • Français
    • Italiano
    • Português (Brasil)
    • Русский
    • 日本語


    * Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II are now compatible with Photoshop Touch for phone


    Android Users:


    To find what version of Android your device is running, check your settings under "About tablet" or "About device."

    Here is an example of where to find this information on the Nexus 7

    Screenshot_2013-03-26-12-40-26 copy.pngScreenshot_2013-03-26-12-38-06 copy.png


    Here are some instructions to help you update your operating system