How to go to a specific page (Adobe Reader Touch for Windows)

Version 9

    Using Go to Page



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    1. Tap/click the page number indicator in the lower left.
    2. Type a new page number.
    3. Press the Enter key on the keyboard to jump to the specified page or tap/click away to stay on the current page.


    If you enter a page number that is out of range, the background will turn red.






    Using Semantic Zoom


    There is a little known Windows 8 feature called "Semantic Zoom".


    Adobe Reader Touch supports Semantic Zoom for document navigation. To use Semantic Zoom, go to the application window displaying a PDF document.


    • For a Touch-enabled device - Pinch (move your two fingers toward each other).
    • Using mouse & keyboard - Hold down the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel down.
    • Using keyboard only - Hold down the Ctrl key and press the Minus ('-') key.
    • Using mouse only - Click the Minus ('-') button in the lower right corner of the document window.


    until you see the page thumbnail view.  Then, you can tap/click the page that you want to go to.



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    Using Bookmarks


    A PDF document containing a large number of pages typically has bookmarks (added by the author of the document).


    1. Bring up the toolbars by swiping from the top/bottom edge or right-clicking with a mouse.
    2. Tap/click the Bookmarks button in the top toolbar to open the Bookmarks pane.
    3. Tap/click a chapter/section label to jump to the corresponding page.