Welcome to the new Acrobat.com!

Version 3

    In conjunction with the Acrobat XI launch, Acrobat.com has undergone its own transformation. 


    For new users, welcome!


    For returning users, we also say welcome back!  You may be a bit surprised by the new interface.  If you’re asking yourself – Where are my files? Please see our aptly named FAQ: Acrobat.com - Where did my files go?


    What is Acrobat.com?


    Adobe® Acrobat.com is a set of online services that you can use to upload, create and share documents, collaborate in real time, and simplify working with others. You access these tools through your web browser.


    There are two primary components of Acrobat.com:

    • Files.acrobat.com
    • Workspaces.acrobat.com




    Acrobat.com is now integrated as a cloud storage solution for Adobe Acrobat XI, Reader XI and Reader Mobile.


    With Files.acrobat.com, you can upload your files and access them from virtually anywhere.  For details on how to upload content to files.acrobat.com, please see our help document, Using Acrobat.com


    To save a file to files.acrobat.com from within Adobe Acrobat XI, Reader XI or Reader Mobile, click the Cloud upload button:


    To open a file stored at files.acrobat.com from within Acrobat XI or Reader XI, choose File > Open. Click the ‘Open from Online Account’ drop-down at the bottom of the screen and choose Acrobat.com.  You may be prompted to sign in with your Adobe ID and password.





    Workspaces is the legacy form of Acrobat.com.  If you are a returning Acrobat.com user, this should look familiar to you.  To access Workspaces from the new Files.acrobat.com interface, click ‘Tools’, then ‘Workspaces’.


    Workspaces can also be accessed directly by visiting http://workspaces.acrobat.com and logging in with your Adobe ID & password.


    For an overview of what Workspaces is and how it functions, please refer to our help document, Using Acrobat.com.