Why is Adobe ExportPDF not supported on an iPad?

Version 4
    • The Adobe ExportPDF service supports input files of type PDF and allows you to convert these to Word, Excel or RTF. On an iPad, iOS 6 supports uploading of files but limits the file types to image or video file types. Because iOS does not support selecting PDF files for conversion, the Adobe ExportPDF service cannot be supported on an iPad's browser today.


    • The Convert to PDF and Combine to PDF operations are supported on iOs but for the same reason stated above, input files are limited to images that are stored in the iPad’s photo library or images that are captured using the iPad’s camera.


    • If you would like to use the ExportPDF or the CreatePDF service from your mobile device, this capability is now available through the Adobe Reader mobile app. With a paid subscription to Adobe ExportPDF, CreatePDF or Acrobat Plus, you can convert PDF files to editable Word, Excel, or RTF files, convert Microsoft Office and image files to PDF via the Reader mobile app for iPhone or iPad. (Android functionality coming soon.)