How do I make my PDF form fillable so I can import it into FormsCentral?

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    FormsCentral doesn't have the ability to convert an existing "flat" PDF form into an interactive, fillable PDF form (with text fields, drop downs, radio buttons, etc). If you try to import a PDF form that is not fillable you will get an error message saying it is not possible.


    You can make a fillable PDF form using any version of Adobe Acrobat (the paid version).


    Here is a quick tutorial on how to create fillable PDF forms in Acrobat:


    • Open the PDF in Acrobat. (Note: You can also convert your existing Word, Excel and paper forms into PDF and make them fillable PDF forms)


    • Go to the Tools pane, select the Forms panel and click the Edit item.



    • If your form has no fields you will be prompted to detect fields. Click Yes. Acrobat will look at the visual appearance of your form and automatically place interactive form fields on your PDF. This is a very cool feature and will save you a lot of time.



    • Once that is complete, the user interface will go into Form Editing mode. Look over your entire form to see if the auto-detection made any mistakes,




    • You can add additional fields using the toolbar at the top or the Add New Field task in the right panel


    • The Fields list on the lower right side shows the names of all of the fields. These are the names that will appear as the column headings of the View Response tab when imported into the FormsCentral. You should update these to make them easy to understand.


    • Right-click on a field and select Properties to configure the field.


    • Click on the Preview button on the top toolbar to try out your form fields.


    • Once complete, save your form and import it into FormsCentral (Create New Form -> Import Existing PDF button on toolbar)



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