Why won't Photoshop/Lightroom open my RAW images?

Version 5

    When opening RAW photos from a new camera in an old copy of Lightroom or Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW will give you an error message. It is usually because Camera RAW is too old to understand your images, and needs to be updated.


    How to solve this issue:

    1. Update your version of Adobe Camera RAW by going to "Help > Check for Updates…" in Lightroom or "Help > Updates" in Photoshop.
    2. If your camera is not supported after updating, use the free Adobe DNG Convertor for Windows and Mac. This will allow you to convert of all your RAW images into a format that Lightroom and Photoshop can understand. If you want to use your own RAW images without converting, you will need to upgrade Lightroom or Photoshop to the latest version.