Email signatures and personal information

Version 2

    The Adobe Community is a very high-profile site, which unfortunately means it is equally popular with spammers who search through the messages for personal information.


    Please do not include email addresses, phone numbers, etc. in your posts.


    Community moderators will remove personal/company information whenever it is found, but if you notice something that has been missed, please use the Report link next to the message. There is a special "Private Information" category in the report form for this purpose. You cannot report your own messages.


    Adobe staff can always see the email address associated with your AdobeID, so there is no need to include it in a request for help.


    Your forum username (Adobe screen name)

    It's always a bad idea to use your email address as your screen name, but since this is associated to your AdobeID account we won't change it for you. To change your username, navigate to then enter the username you'd like in the "Name for Adobe Community forums" category, and save the changes.


    Please avoid using HTML tags and slashes in your screen name, as they can prevent access to your profile page.


    If you are replying to a discussion via email

    The Community software will attempt to remove the quoted original message and a properly-formatted email signature, i.e. one that begins with a blank line then a line containing two hyphens. If your signature uses an non-standard format it will  appear in your posts, so be careful. Please do not quote the original message when replying by email, and turn off your signature block. The subject line associates your replies with the correct discussion, so there is no need to include the original message.