Deprecated features in Flash Professional CC

Version 2

    Reinstated features in the latest releases of Flash Pro CC

    Motion Editor

    Inverse Kinematics/Bone Tool

    Object-level undo

    Kuler Panel

    Code Hinting for JSFL

    Importing SWFs




    •Support for ActionScript 1 and 2

    •TLF Text: If your FLA, created with an older version of Flash Professional, contains TLF Text, then HellCat converts it to Classic text automatically on opening the FLA.

    •Motion Editor: Motion paths will be retained.

    •Project Panel

    •Launch & Edit (L&E Photoshop works)


    •Inverse Kinematics/Bone Tool

    •Strings Panel

    •Behaviors Panel

    •DECO Tool

    •Object-level undo

    •Spelling Panel

    •Movie Explorer

    •Bandwidth profiler

    •FXG Import/Export

    •Actions Toolbox

    The following miscellaneous functionality will also be unavailable with the final release of Flash Professional CC (HellCat):

    •Kuler Panel

    •Code Hinting for JSFL

    •Video Cue Points

    •Close Captioning

    •Video Playback onstage

    •Customizable Tools panel

    •Importing SWFs

    •Importing some bitmap formats (BMP, TIFF, AutoCad)

    •Importing some sound formats (AIFF, Sound Designer, Around AU, Adobe Sounds Document)


    •Fireworks PNG Import

    •Data Binding

    •Data Source

    •Script Assist

    •FreeHand Importer