Solving Your Login Issues FAQ

Version 4

    For security reasons, Adobe is requiring passwords to be reset for a number of different Adobe ID accounts. For more information about this issue, see this tech note.

    To reset your account password, or to find out if this issue affects any of the Adobe ID accounts you use on Business Catalyst, try to login to any of your sites.


    If you sign in to the site successfully, you do not need to reset the password.

    If you receive a "To protect the security of your account, you must reset your password" error message, an email message is sent to that account with instructions for resetting your password.



    You'll receive a similar message if you try to login to the Business Catalyst panel in Dreamweaver or in Muse:





    Open the email message, click the link, and follow the prompts to reset your password.

    • If the email message does not appear in your inbox, check your junk folder or spam quarantine folder.
    • Every time you try to sign in using an account with a disabled password, Adobe may send a reset password email message. You need to reset your password only one time.




    Click on the link provided in the email and reset your password




    After resetting the password, you'll receive a successful confirmation message, and another email confirming the change:




    You should then be able to login to the site using the new password you've set up.


    Important note: Make sure to also update your password in your FTP clients and API calls, if you use FTP or Dreamweaver to connect to the sites.


    Frequently asked questions

    I have received an email from Adobe informing me that my password has been reset. What do I need to do?


    Try logging in to any of your site's AdminConsole. If you get the above message: "To protect the security of your account, you must reset your password", follow the steps above to reset your password using the link received over email.



    I cannot connect to my sites over FTP, and when trying to login to the Admin of the site I get: "Your access has been temporarly restricted!"


    If your FTP client is set up to re-connect automatically, your account will be restricted after a few failed logins. The account will be temporarly disabled for 30 minutes. Follow the above steps to reset your password and your account will unblock automatically after 30 minutes.

    Make sure to update your password in your FTP clients or Dreamweaver sites setup with the new password you have set up.