Tutorial: Enable Form Fillers to Save a Web Form

    Often respondents may need to fill out a form over a period of time, this is especially true for a very long form. Previously the only solution to this problem was to distribute a PDF form (because web forms didn't support save). With the save web form option respondents can save their work in progress and come back later to finish and submit. Note: The save web form feature is only available with a paid Basic or Plus subscription.


    To enable respondents to save their web forms go to the Options tab and check the enable box:


    Once a respondent saves their web form a customized email is sent to them that includes a link to retrieve their saved form data. You can pick the field that the email will be sent to, and customize the From/Subject/Message area.


    A respondent's form data expires after several days. You can specify the length of time using the Expiration drop down - from 1 - 28 days.


    If the Save Web Form feature is enabled then a Save link is displayed in the bottom right corner of the web form:



    When the respondent clicks the Save link they will be presented with a dialog asking them to enter/confirm their email address so a link can be sent to them:



    After they click Save & Send they will see an indicator confirming that their progress has been saved:



    The respondent will then receive a customized email that includes a link back to the form data:



    When they click on the link they will be taken back to their form and all of their previously saved data will be used to repopulate the form:



    Note: If you changed the form after you distributed it then respondents will get the new form and their saved data will be used to populate the fields that were the same between the old and new version. Saved data associated with new/updated fields will be ignored.