Dec 10, 2013 - Edge Code CC (Preview) Release Notes

Version 1

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    System Requirements


    • Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor
    • Windows® 7 or Windows 8 operating system
    • 256MB of RAM (2GB of RAM recommended for Live Development)
    • 200MB of available hard-disk space for installation
    • 1280x800 display with 16-bit video card

    Mac OS

    • Multicore Intel processor
    • Mac OS X v10.7 or v10.8 operating system
    • 256MB of RAM (2GB of RAM recommended for Live Development)
    • 200MB of available hard-disk space for installation
    • 1280x800 display with 16-bit video card

    Installation Instructions

    • Open the Creative Cloud Desktop application
    • Select Apps
    • Scroll down to Edge Code CC under "Find New Apps"
    • Click Install
    • Creative Cloud will install Edge Code CC

    What's New Dec 10, 2013


    • Code Hints

      • Improved JavaScript code hints accuracy: More code hints provided for APIs in medium-sized files (500-2000 lines) and in cases where a module's exports have recently been updated.
    • Files and Folders

      • Mac: Drag folders onto dock icon: Previously, folders could only be dragged onto an already-open Edge Code window.
      • Close Others [Above/Below]: Quickly close batches of files with these three new commands in the Working Files context menu.
      • Mac: Any file can now be opened via drag/drop, regardless of file extension: Previously only certain file types were accepted.
    • Image Preview

      • Preview image files: Select in image in the file tree (or via Quick Open) to see a preview in the editor area.
      • Pixel coordinates guide: When viewing an image file, a crosshair and tooltip indicate the pixel coordinates of your mouse cursor.
    • Live Preview

      • Live Preview HTML changes: Live Preview updates in real time as you type in HTML files. Updates pause whenever the HTML is not syntactically valid.
      • Launch with non-HTML file selected: Edge code will automatically find a nearby index.html file to use. No more switching away from your CSS file to start Live Preview!
      • Launch Live Preview when no files open if an index.html (or similar) file exists at the project root.
    • Overall UI

      • Dark Themed Window Chrome on Windows and Mac: A similar change will be coming soon for Mac too.
      • Keyboard shortcut to switch between recent projects: Press Ctrl+Alt+R (⌥⌘R) to open the "recent projects" dropdown, use the up/down arrow keys to navigate the list, Enter key to select project, and Esc key to cancel.
      • Fixed bugs in Windows dark-themed window chrome
      • HTML syntax highlighting visible while cursor on tag: HTML close/open tag highlighting now permits the regular syntax highlighting to show through.
      • Quick Edit results list easier to scan: File name is better distinguished from selector text.
    • Performance

      • Improved Find performance when searching in large files
      • Fixed lag while editing JS code inside a <script> block
    • Quick Edit

      • Create new CSS rules via Quick Edit: In HTML files, click the CSS inline editor's "New Rule" button (or press Cmd/Ctrl-Alt-N) to create a new CSS rule based on the tag/class/id your cursor was on. The inline editor now appears even when no existing rules match the search, so you can easily create new CSS rules at any time.
      • Visually edit CSS transition Bezier timing functions: Just invoke Quick Edit when your cursor is on any cubic-bezier() function in a CSS rule! (or a named shorthand such as linear, ease-in, etc.) to get a graphical editor based on Lea Verou's
    • SCSS Code Hints

      • Code hints for CSS property names & values: The same code hints you see in CSS files will now also appear in SCSS files.
      • Quick Docs for CSS properties: Ditto – just like in CSS.
    • HTML Matching Tag Highlighting

      • Highlight matching open/close tag
    • Search/Replace

      • Search result tickmarks: Find results are visually mapped out as yellow tickmarks along the scroll bar track.
      • Find in Files results auto-update while typing
      • Regexp Replace using $1, $2, etc. substitutions in the replacement text
      • Better Find in Files feedback: Search bar remains open while search is in progress, and turns red when no results found (like regular Find).
    • Linting

      • Extensibility for linting tools

    UI Changes

    Dark-themed window chrome on Windows and Mac - the Windows shell now has a dark window chrome that visually complements the Edge Code UI. (The Mac shell is expected to receive a similar update next sprint).

    Live HTML UI for invalid state - during Live HTML Development, Edge Code indicates when code isn't updating due to being in an invalid state. The Live Development icon turns red, and the offending line of code is highlighted with a red background under the line number.

    Inline editors - All inline widgets (Quick Edit, Quick Docs, etc.) have added an "x" Close button in the upper-left.

    Search - Find in Files and Quick Open now include files you have opened that lie outside the root folder of your project.


    Known Issues

    • If Edge Code Preview 4 or earlier was already installed, updating Edge Code CC might leave two entries in the Control Panel - Programs and Features list.  To completely remove Edge Code CC, you will need to uninstall both from entries and reinstall the new update.
    • #3207: If you use Preview 3 or and earlier preview after using this build at least once, a few preferences such as Recent Projects may get reset in the previous builds. (You can back up your cache folder if you're concerned about this).
    • #4362: Slow startup of Edge Code and Live Preview on Windows due to Chrome proxy settings. See workaround
    • To use Edge Inspect with Edge Code the device and the computer running Edge Code must be on the same subnet. When they aren't, Edge Inspect on the device will show "Forbidden".
    • Not all Edge Web Fonts render correctly in all system languages.
    • Basic CSS font hints may appear when Edge Web Fonts hints should appear instead