FAQ: Adobe Workspaces retired

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    Adobe Workspaces has been retired since January 7 2015.

    Why is Adobe retiring Workspaces?

    Adobe Workspaces, including Buzzword, Tables, and Presentation, was retired on January 7 2015. Adobe exited the document authoring business for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation files. Our focus is to continue to provide world-class PDF creation and conversion products and services that enable our customers to take actions on their files anywhere on any device. You may continue to upload, store, and share your files at https://cloud.acrobat.com.


    What are my other options for storing documents in the cloud?

    Even though Workspaces has been retired, Adobe is still offering cloud storage; the Acrobat.com service allows you to upload, store, share, and preview your files; organize your documents into multi-level folders; and more features to come. You can also access other Adobe online document services from Acrobat.com, such as Adobe PDF Pack and Adobe ExportPDF. Sign in with your Adobe ID (the same information you currently use for Workspaces) at https://cloud.acrobat.com


    What happened to my files if I didn't download them before Workspaces retired?

    Any files that you stored in Workspaces are longer available to you as of January 7 2015. All Workspaces data was permanently destroyed.


    I got an email containing the links to my zipped Workspaces content. How long are the links valid?

    The ZIP file(s) that Workspaces create from your content (and the link that you receive via email after hitting the red Download Files button) were valid for 24 hours. As of January 7, all links are expired.


    I can't open one/several of the PDF files I just downloaded from Workspaces. Why not?

    If two (or more) of your PDF files in Workspaces had the same name, whichever of those files was downloaded second (or third, or fourth) will have an edited file name. For instance, if you had two PDF files and both were named "Paris.pdf", the first one will be downloaded to your computer as "Paris.pdf" and the second one as "Paris.pdf (1)." In order to open that second file on your computer, please rename that file to something that ends in ".pdf" - in our example, we might rename the second file to "Paris1.pdf" to differentiate it from the other file.


    I used Workspaces to collect comments for Shared Reviews in Adobe Acrobat. What will happen to Shared Reviews?

    For Acrobat XI, X and 9 users, when you select “Send for Shared Review” in your Acrobat software, the option to download and track comments with Adobe online services will no longer be available. You will still be able to initiate Shared Reviews from within Acrobat using your own internal server – such as a SharePoint workspace, a network folder, or a web server folder – to collect comments.


    I used Workspaces to distribute my PDF forms from Adobe Acrobat. Will I still be able to distribute my forms with Acrobat.com?

    For Acrobat X & 9 users, when you Select “Distribute” from the Forms tool pane in your Acrobat software, you will no longer see the option to distribute your form with Acrobat.com. You will still be able to distribute your form via email or your own internal server. You can also try Adobe FormsCentral, our cloud-based forms service that lets you create PDF or web forms in minutes and see results in real time.


    I used Workspaces with my Captivate software for posting content and for tracking & reporting. Will I still be able to do so?

    The option to upload content and track results in Captivate with Workspaces [Acrobat.com] will be retired. At this time we have no alternative solution, but the Captivate team is actively looking for one. Stay tuned.


    How do I upload/store files at the new Acrobat.com?

    If you would like to begin storing your files at Acrobat.com (https://cloud.acrobat.com), you can begin by logging in at https://cloud.acrobat.com. You can use the same login information (your Adobe ID and associated password) that you use for Workspaces. Once you’ve logged in, look to the upper right corner of your browser window; there you’ll see a menu for managing your account (click on your name or Adobe ID to find it), and just below it there are three icons: click the first to upload a document, the second to create a new folder, and the third to access sorting, filtering, and viewing options.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 9.37.22 AM.png

    I already use Acrobat.com [https://cloud.acrobat.com] to store my files; was I affected when Workspaces retired?

    If you use Acrobat.com [https://cloud.acrobat.com], your documents and service were unaffected. If you have any documents or files stored in Workspaces [http://workspaces.acrobat.com], those files were deleted on January 7 2015.


    I've moved some of my Workspaces documents to Acrobat.com [https://cloud.acrobat.com]. Why can't I keep editing them?

    Acrobat.com allows you to store, share, and access your documents from multiple platforms through a web browser or the Adobe Reader desktop and mobile apps. You can store, read, share, or download files at Acrobat.com, but you cannot edit them there. To continue to edit your files, please download them to your computer and open them with the appropriate application. While we do plan on adding plenty of features to Acrobat.com over the next weeks and months, we will no longer offer document authoring services and recommend that you find an alternative service for collaborative document authoring in the cloud.


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