Adobe Flash Player 12.0 Administration Guide

Version 2

    This Adobe Flash Player Administration Guide covers Adobe Flash Player 12.0.  It describes Flash Player, how it's installed, how it works, and how you can control it to suit the needs of a specific network environment.  This document is intended for IT or administrative professionals who manage the installation or use of Flash Player for multiple users in a controlled environment.


    In order to deploy Flash Player, you must first acquire a license to do so.  Distribution licenses are free of charge and can be acquired through the online licensing application.  For answers to a number of questions regarding Flash Player licensing and deployment, see the Adobe Player Distribution FAQ.



    <EDIT 25-June-2014>

    The latest version of the Flash Player Administrator's Guide is available at  I'm not linking directly to the PDF as the ULR changes with each major version upgrade.  However, the latest version is always posted to this page.