Help: Frequent crashes on iOS

Version 15

    According to the posts in Apple Support Communities, many iPad (especially, iPad Air) users have experienced frequent low memory crashes.


    Ipad air low memory crash


    If you have experienced frequent crashes with Adobe Reader for iOS while making changes to PDF documents (e.g. adding highlight, sticky notes, etc.), the following information may help you reduce the frequency of low memory crashes.


    Please note that this is not the solution to all types of crashes in Reader.  Rather, it would reduce the chance of losing your unsaved changes that you've made in Reader.


    Thanks to Tom (atpaine) for initially providing the information regarding the low memory problem in this post.



    How to check if your iOS device suffers from low memory termination


    Go to Settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage > Diagnostic & Usage Data.


    Do you see a lot of Low Memory files?  If so, your iOS device has the low memory problem!





    How to reduce memory consumption on your iOS device


    (a) Turn off Spotlight Search


    Go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search.


    You can selectively disable Spotlight Search for the apps that you don't use often.




    (b) Turn off Background App Refresh


    Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.


    You can turn off the top switch to completely disable app refresh in the background or selectively disable it for the apps that you don't use often.




    (c) Turn off notifications


    Go to Settings > Notification Center.


    You can selectively disable notifications for the apps that you don't use often.


    (d) Restart your iOS device


    Turn your iOS device off and on (restart) and reset


    It can't hurt to restart your iOS device once in a while to refresh RAM (memory).


    Both (a) and (b) will help prolong your iOS device's battery life as well.



    If Reader continues to crash after you have done all of the above, it is most likely that you have encountered the real crashes that are caused by defects in Reader.


    Please help us by providing your crash logs and sending them to


    FAQ: How to get crash logs from iPad/iPhone


    Thank you!