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    Using Project Parfait

    Support and Known Issues




    What is Project Parfait, and what does it do?


    Project Parfait is an experimental service for designers and developers, who turn Photoshop comps into code-based designs. It lets you quickly and easily extract what you need from a PSD comp.


    Project Parfait lets you do the following directly in your browser:


    • Extract color, gradient and font info from a PSD
    • Copy text and CSS
    • Get accurate measurements between elements
    • Export production-ready optimized images



    Who should use Project Parfait?

    Project Parfait is ideal for developers and designers who regularly receive Photoshop comps, and translate them into code-based designs. It makes it easier to extract vital information from PSDs. Developers working on native iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows applications may also find Project Parfait valuable.


    Why is Project Parfait a beta?


    Project Parfait is in an early phase of development, and we’re looking to get feedback on its usability and features, to improve it before making it widely available.



    How do I get access to Project Parfait?

    Project Parfait is available as a limited beta at The number of users may be limited to help us manage feedback.


    What’s the difference between Project Parfait and Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC?


    Generator and Project Parfait are both intended to remove friction for designers and developers in the comp to code process. Here are the key differences:


    • Generator extracts image assets within Photoshop CC.
    • Project Parfait works directly in your browser, and does not require Photoshop to be installed or running.



    How do I submit feedback or feature requests for Project Parfait?

    Please leave feedback on our pre-release site’s General Forum, and ideas for new features in the Feature Requests forum. We will be watching closely and ready to answer your questions.

    For questions you may have while using Project Parfait, you can reach the team directly by chatting with us (there’s a “Chat with the Parfait Dev Team!” button in the bottom right part of the screen).

    Will Project Parfait be released as a new product? How much will it cost?

    At this time, Project Parfait is an experimental service, which may or may not release as a commercial product. There is no cost or purchase necessary to use the Project Parfait beta. An Adobe ID is required to upload your own PSD, and you’ll be given an opportunity to create one as part of the process.



    Are there any limitations to the types of PSDs I can view in Project Parfait?

    Yes, Project Parfait is designed for web comps and layouts created in Photoshop. Extremely large PSDs (>2GB), those with over 1000 layers, or those intended for print (CMYK) are not recommended. If you routinely work with PSDs larger than 2GB, please contact us so we can better understand your workflows.

    Can I make edits to a PSD in Project Parfait?

    No, Project Parfait is a read-only service and PSDs cannot be modified with it. Layer visibility state can be toggled, but are not saved. The Layer Reset feature restores to the last saved state.


    Does Project Parfait work with other types of files besides PSDs?

    At this time, the only file format supported are PSDs. If you’d like support for more formats, let us know in the Feature Requests forum.


    Why are some colors or gradients not included in Project Parfait’s style panel?

    In most cases this is because the colors or gradients are pixel-based fills.


    I wasn’t warned about missing fonts when I uploaded my PSD -- how is Project Parfait able to provide font metrics?

    Project Parfait loads the actual font if it is installed on our backend servers. Otherwise the correct font name will be provided, but with approximate font metrics. The PSD displayed in your browser is accurately represented, because Project Parfait is the using pre-composited data that is present in the PSD. In the future, we plan to display a warning when a font substitution occurs.


    How does Project Parfait determine which vendor-specific prefixes are added to the CSS?

    By default, Project Parfait provides unprefixed CSS. If you mark the ‘Show vendor-prefixed CSS’ checkbox, Project Parfait will add vendor-specific prefixes to the CSS in the CSS Inspector.


    How does Project Parfait determine which CSS properties have vendor-specific prefixes added?

    Project Parfait uses information from, which focuses on capabilities of the latest browsers, as well as Can I Use, CSS3 Please and HTML5 Please. Due to the dynamic nature of browser support and evolving CSS standards, this information may occasionally be out of date. Project Parfait provides vendor-specific prefixes for convenience, and we will make efforts to keep them up to date. If you are unsure about any of the provided prefixes, we encourage you to reference the sites listed above. We welcome your feedback on this feature in the User Forums.


    Since Project Parfait only adds vendor-specific prefixes for the latest browsers, what do I do if I need prefixes for an older browser?, Can I Use, CSS3 Please and HTML5 Please are great references for prefixes for older browsers. Also, please let us know if you’d like Project Parfait to provide more prefixes in the User Forums, or chat tool.



    Are there any illegal file name characters in PSDs or exported assets?

    Yes, the following characters cannot be used in PSD file names that you wish to upload to Project Parfait, or asset files you export : |, ", ?, <, >, /, \, ;, *, :.


    Are there any limitations in the CSS that Project Parfait provides for gradients?

    Yes, some types of gradients cannot be generated into CSS without some tricks. Project Parfait currently does not provide accurate CSS for Angle, Reflected, Diamond, or Shapeburst types of gradients. However, Linear and Radial gradient types are supported.


    Does Project Parfait respect and use existing Generator tags on layers?

    We have plans to add some killer features for Generator users, and have just started to implement them. For now, Project Parfait will detect Generator tags in layer names (e.g., PNG, JPG80%, etc.) and when you select that layer and export, the optimization settings will be set to match the first Generator tag in the layer name. E.g., If your layer name is "Foo Bar Baz.png, jpg", Parfait will set the optimization dialog to PNG32, and the filename will be Foo Bar Baz.png.


    We have not implemented scaling for export yet, so Project Parfait currently ignores Generator prefixes such as 200% or 100x100. We intend to support these, and more, so be sure to check back as we continue to make improvements.


    Also, GIF files are not supported in Project Parfait, so a layer that has a Generator .GIF tag will yield a JPG result.



    Does Project Parfait work with PSD files that use the CMYK color space?

    No. If you need to work with CMYK files, please convert them in Photoshop before opening them in Parfait.



    Who can access the files that I upload?

    All files that you upload to the Project Parfait service will only be accessible through your account login.


    Are there any features that are still being worked on?

    Yes, the items below are not yet completed. You might see some inconsistencies between what you see in Photoshop versus what you see in Project Parfait. Our goal is to provide perfect fidelity for your PSDs -- please let us know if you see inconsistencies with:


    • CSS extraction (partially implemented)
    • Layer masks (partially implemented)
    • Clipping masks (partially implemented)
    • Layer styles (partially implemented)
    • Gradient CSS (partially implemented)
    • Layer Comp support (coming soon)
    • Adjustment Layers (coming soon)
    • Linked and Embedded Smart Objects (coming soon)
    • Alpha Channel Masks (coming soon)


    Is something missing from our list? Please let us know in the User Forums!


    Where can I get support for Project Parfait?

    You can reach the Project Parfait team directly on our forum, or by chatting with us (there’s a “Chat with the Parfait Dev team!” button on the bottom right portion of the screen).


    Does Project Parfait have any known issues or problems?

    Yes, we have noted the following known issues:

    • PSDs that were saved with a Layer Groups’ visibility turned off, cannot be made visible in Parfait.
    • Some SVG files get extracted incorrectly.
    • Copy CSS and Copy Text doesn’t work if text has non-ASCII character.
    • Layers bigger than the canvas are being cropped and don’t show the correct values for width and height.

    What browser does Project Parfait work best with?

    Currently, Project Parfait works best in Google Chrome. We intend to provide compatibility in modern popular browsers, so please do report browser compatibility bugs you may find using the Parfait User Forums.


    Will Project Parfait be updated during the beta?

    Yes, our goal is to quickly incorporate user feedback and continuously improve Project Parfait, giving you truly beneficial functionality. Please check back often!




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