What is a ".form" file?

Version 2

    Adobe Fill & Sign allows you to easily fill out forms (at this time we support PDF, Office and image files).  Any type of file added to Adobe Fill & Sign, whether that file came from your Document Cloud Files, Creative Cloud Files, or from your local computer, will have a "filename.form" file created in your Document Cloud files.


    The ".form" file is your form ready to be filled out using Fill & Sign and is in your Document Cloud Files (recent forms also shown on the Fill & Sign tab).  The ".form" file can be downloaded as a PDF form, or converted to a PDF to be used with other Adobe applications.


    I do/not see the original file?

    It can be confusing to see an original PDF/file in Acrobat.com corresponding to some of the .form files but not for others.  It depends on where the original file was located:

    • Original file was from Document Cloud Files: If your original PDF/file was in Document Cloud Files then the original is already there, so when you create a form from that file you will see both the original PDF (or other file type) and the new "filename.form" file.  The .form file is the one you would fill out in Fill & Sign and can download the completed form from.
    • Original file was from Creative Cloud: If your original PDF/file was in Creative Cloud then the original PDF would be in Creative Cloud but the .form would be in Document Cloud.  The .form file is the one you would fill out in Fill & Sign and can download the completed form from.  A finalized PDF of the form can be saved back to Creative Cloud or downloaded to your computer, if you want the PDF in the Document Cloud download to your computer first and then upload back to Document Cloud.
    • Original file was from local hard drive: If you upload a PDF (or other form as additional file types are supported) from your local hard drive you will not see the original PDF in your Acrobat.com files, only the ".form" fillable form version of the PDF/file.


    Form converted to PDF for download or use in other Document Cloud applications:

    The ".form" file is converted to a PDF on download or when using with any of the other applications in the Document Cloud ecosystem.

    • Downloading any form from Adobe Fill & Sign will download a PDF of the form, filled out with the information added in Fill & Sign.
    • Selecting a .form file and choosing another application such as "CreatePDF", "Send" or "Combine" converts the form to a PDF and that PDF would be combined, sent, or whatever the right action is for that application.