How do I "Send" or Share my form? (includes Export PDF, Create PDF, and Combine)

Version 11

    Adobe Fill & Sign is a new Adobe application which is part of the Adobe Document Cloud.  Until the ability to "Send" forms directly from within Fill & Sign is added you will have to "Send" from the "Files" tab or "Send & Track".  You can use the form files you create in Fill & Sign in the following ways with Document Cloud online services, some of the services mentioned below are free features and others are based on subscription:


    You can send your form to an individual or make it available through a public link using Adobe Send & Track:

    1.      Click the "Send & Track" tab

    2.      Click “Select Files to Send” and choose Document Cloud Files.

    3.      Select your form which has the extension of .form and a form icon:

    Form file selected.PNG

    4.      The .form file is converted into a PDF to send.


    Download the form which will be converted from a .form file to a PDF on download and attach to an email in the email client of your choice.

    Combine Files

    Forms (.form files) can be included in the Combine Files feature. On the "Combine" tab select the .form file/s and any other files you'd like to combine, give the combined file a name and click Combine.


    Forms (.form files) can be converted to PDF using CreatePDF just as other supported file formats. Select the .form file in CreatePDF or from the Files tab and click CreatePDF to start the conversion process.

    Export PDF

    Since the forms file type is ".form" it is not a PDF and cannot be exported as another file type but you can use the following steps to export the form to another file type.

    1.      Find your form (.form file) on the Document Cloud Files tab

    2.      Open the .form file in Fill & Sign

    3.      Click “Download as PDF” and then select “Save PDF to Document Cloud”

    4.      Now you have a PDF of the filled form in the Document Cloud “Files” tab which you can locate and “Export”

    5.      Use ExportPDF to export the PDF form as another file type.