Questions about Dreamweaver CS6 performance? See these posts first.

Version 3

    Dreamweaver CS6 - Always 100% CPU



    This issue was seen in Dreamweaver 12.0 and resolved in Dreamweaver 12.1. Select Help > Update to install 12.1

    Unable to install the update?


    Dreamweaver and Java SE 6 Runtime problem on MAC Mountain Lion


    Download Java SE 6 using the instructions in this doc ( Note that this issue has been solved for Dreamweaver CC 2014. See Subhadeep’s post in the forum thread.



    CS6 AppCrash on Windows 8.1 Preview



    Delete DLNA devices using Control Panel > Devices.


    For other solutions, see files/dlnashextdll-causing-      explorer-to-crash/9b2442c2-4ac1-4cb5-8e0d-35ba9b8ccacd



    Dreamweaver CS6 - High CPU Usage when Idle?



    Select Help > Update and install the latest update. Alternatively, install the relevant update from


    Dreamweaver CS6 keeps crashing


    1. Delete corrupted cache file. (
    2. Select Help > Update, or install the latest update from
    3. Uninstall extensions and retry.
    4. Uninstall and reinstall Dreamweaver.
    5. If the crash happens when you are using a template, try closing applications that are laying claim to the template. (See reply from Harold Demure in the original post)



    Unable to uninstall Dreamweaver CS6



    Use the Adobe Cleaner tool to do a clean uninstall on your computer ( Reinstall Dreamweaver after the uninstallation is complete.



    Mac Dreamweaver CS6 very slow to open files



    For all external CSS files, replace


    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/testa2/css/compiled/theme.css">




    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../testa2/css/compiled/theme.css">



    Dreamweaver CS6 "Find and Replace" not working



    Addressed in the latest updates for Dreamweaver 12. Select Help > Update or use the link


    Why can't I preview TypeKit fonts in Dreamweaver CS6?


    Adding localhost to your Kit Settings isn't enough on its own. You also need a local web server running on your computer. In Paul's video, he's running MAMP (for a Mac). On Windows, you could run XAMPP.


    Judging from Paul's video, you still need to use Preview in Browser. However, if you set up a testing server in your Dreamweaver site definition, you should also be able to see the fonts in Live view.



    Dreamweaver CS6 freezes up all the time.



    See Recommended here:

    You might also try Edit> Preferences> General> Enable Related Files> Discover Dynamically-Related Files> Manually.