Extract for PSD - Release Notes

Version 7

    last updated: October 6, 2014


    Using Extract

    Support and Known Issues




    What is  Extract in Creative Cloud Assets, and what does it do?


    Extract in Creative Cloud Assets is a service for designers and developers, who turn Photoshop comps into code-based designs. It lets you quickly and easily extract what you need from a PSD comp.


    Extract in Creative Cloud Assets lets you do the following directly in your browser:


    • Extract color, gradient and font info from a PSD
    • Copy text and CSS
    • Get accurate measurements between elements
    • Export production-ready optimized images


    Who should use Extract?

    Extract is ideal for developers and designers who regularly receive Photoshop comps, and translate them into code-based designs. It makes it easier to extract vital information from PSDs. Developers working on native iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows applications may also find  Extract valuable.

    How do I get access to Extract?

    Uploading a PSD and using the Extract service is available to anyone with a Creative Cloud account (including the free tier accounts).  Creative Cloud users can also share PSDs through the Creative Cloud where the recipient of the file will be able to use Extract even without logging in.


    How do I submit feedback or feature requests for Extract?

    Please leave feedback or questions on our Extract for PSD forum. We will be watching closely and ready to answer your questions.




    Getting Started

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Are there any features that are still being worked on?

    Yes, the items below are not yet completed. You might see some inconsistencies between what you see in Photoshop versus what you see in Extract. Our goal is to provide perfect fidelity for your PSDs -- please let us know if you see inconsistencies with:

    • Layer masks (partially implemented)
    • Clipping masks (partially implemented)
    • Layer styles (partially implemented)
    • Adjustment Layers
    • Linked and Embedded Smart Objects
    • Alpha Channel Masks
    • Spot Channel




    Where can I get support for Extract?

    You can reach the Extract team directly on our forum.

    Does Extract have any known issues or problems?

    Yes, we have noted the following known issues:

    • Some SVG files get extracted incorrectly.
    • It is hard to pick individual pixels using the color picker when a PSD is zoomed in (less than 80%).
    • A pattern fill shows as a solid color when extracted as SVG.
    • Some large PSDs don’t render fully in Extract
    • Linear gradient angle can be off by as much as 4 degrees.