Adobe CreatePDF Desktop Printer is no longer available

Version 3

    The Create PDF Desktop Printer will no longer be available for download and installation as of 11/5/2014. On 1/6/2015 the functionality will be turned off so if you had previously installed this Desktop Printer, it will no longer work and we recommend you uninstall it from your system:

    Uninstalling the Adobe CreatePDF Desktop Printer

    To uninstall CreatePDF Desktop Printer, use the Windows Control Panel. If you have trouble, please refer to this forum article for more information.


    Alternatives for PDF Pack subscribers:

    If you are a subscriber who needs the Print to PDF functionality, you might consider upgrading your subscription to Adobe Acrobat Standard or Adobe Acrobat Pro.  With Acrobat desktop software you can print to PDF from within your desktop applications. Review these instructions to learn how to print to PDF on Windows or Mac with Acrobat.

    To upgrade your PDF Pack subscription to Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Pro, follow these steps:

    For customers in North America please use the links below:

    Acrobat Pro

    Acrobat Standard

    For customers outside of North America, please follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to your Adobe Products and Services Page.

    2. Under "My Subscriptions and services" find your PDF Pack Service subscription and click on "Manage" on the right.

    3. On the Subscription Details Page, click on "edit" next to Subscription level

    4. From the Subscription Drop down select one of the Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Pro plans, then click on "Save".

    Your subscription will be upgraded to the new plan you have selected.


    Alternatives for Acrobat Standard and Pro subscribers:

    The ability to print to PDF is included with your Acrobat desktop software . Review these instructions to learn how to print to PDF on Windows or Mac with Acrobat.


    If you need help, please Contact Customer Care