Quick troubleshooting links: Dreamweaver

Version 3

    I want to purchase a perpetual version of Dreamweaver CS6. Is that still possible?

    • - Yes, you can still purchase Dreamweaver CS6 from http://adobe.ly/1qQhqMt
    • - However, do note that this product is several versions old and there isn’t any development happening on the software at this stage. Also, this version will probably not support the latest versions of your OS.
    • - To see a comparison list of features among different versions, see http://adobe.ly/186qKXM

    What version of the software do I get when I purchase Dreamweaver CC?

    You get the latest version of Dreamweaver CC when you purchase it for the first time. You also have access to previous versions of the software through your Creative Cloud application.

    Can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription. However, cancellation fees may apply. See http://adobe.ly/1x9EBmr for the latest information.

    I have a short term project. I do not want to go in for an annual commitment.

    You can choose to purchase Dreamweaver on a monthly subscription. However, do work out your total costing because annual subscriptions typically tend to be cheaper. See http://adobe.ly/1AaeNGU for more information. There is also special pricing for students, universities, and such.

    Should I purchase different licenses of Creative Cloud for Mac OS and Windows?

    1. You can install Creative Cloud software separately on Mac and Windows, but you can use it on only one computer at a time. This is in contrast to Creative Suite perpetual versions where you had to perform a platform swap if you want to install on a different operating system. You can still perform a platform swap for CS6 perpetual versions. Contact customer care http://adobe.ly/TLTXjC.


    Should I activate my software after I purchase it?

    You are not required to activate your CC subscription. Activation happens automatically after you log into your application. For more information, see Activation & Deactivation Help.

    Creative Cloud asks me for my serial number

    See http://adobe.ly/1NE5FVc to troubleshoot this issue. You do not need a serial number for CC. Your Adobe ID is sufficient to install your application.

    Change language of Creative Cloud install

    If the language displayed is different from what you expect, see http://adobe.ly/18xE5bx to correct the issue.


    Learning Resources

    There are a ton of resources on the Adobe website that are available for free to help you get started with Dreamweaver and to keep using it.  Some of the things that you see on the interface in the tutorial may not match with the software because of changes in a latest update. See the What’s New section of the latest update to understand these changes.

    • - The window that appears when you launch DW version later than February 2014 version contains tutorials that help you get started with using DW.
    • - In addition, the Learn page on the Adobe website for DW has both Help and Tutorial content to guide you through the software. http://bit.ly/lrndw


    While the Dreamweaver forum has sufficient expertise to deal with frequently encountered installation related issues, we suggest that you post your questions on the following forums for a quicker and more efficient response.


    Install a version of Creative Suite previous to CS6

    If you want to install a version previous to CS6, see http://bit.ly/adbdwnld While these software cannot be purchased now,  they can be downloaded and installed by users that purchased these previously and have access to the serial number.


    Dreamweaver becomes unresponsive on Mac OS

    If none of these solutions work, please post on the forum with descriptions of any error messages that you see.

    Dreamweaver is not displayed correctly on my second monitor (Mac OS)

    We are working towards resolving this issue by working with Apple.

    Dreamweaver crashes when opening a page on my computer

    • - Verify whether the system requirements are met http://adobe.ly/1GBmfmG
    • - Verify if the crash happens with other web pages (of a smaller size) as well
    • - If you still have issues, please post with details on the DW forum.


    Server behaviors, database, and bindings in Dreamweaver CC

    While restoring these features is currently not on the roadmap, see http://adobe.ly/1zoKgV9 and http://bit.ly/1pXh0Re for options to include these in Dreamweaver. Web Assist's improved MySQLi Behaviors Extension works on servers running PHP 5.5+ http://bit.ly/1C4EL64

    Fluid Grid layouts are not available in Design view

    The product team is looking at improving this feature based on various inputs that we have received in this release. For a workaround solution, see this forum post http://adobe.ly/198RBU2

    Widget browser is not available any more

    The widget browser has been deprecated in Dreamweaver because it did not comply with the latest HTML and CSS standards. We suggest that you use jQuery widgets instead. See this discussion http://adobe.ly/1oexG5N for more information.

    Creating Slideshows and menus in Dreamweaver

    There is no easy way to create Slideshows and Menus in Dreamweaver. However, there are many plug ins that you could use if you are not very skilled at coding in JavaScript. There are many topics on the forum. Look at the categories section in the Dreamweaver forum for discussion threads related to slideshows and menus.

    Updates on features and bug fixes in the next update

    It is not possible for anyone on the forum to provide a timeline for new features and bug fixes. That announcement is done by the product team when they are ready to ship the update. The roadmap for DW has been specified by the product manager in https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1642673

    • - If you have set up a new connection and it is not working, check your settings all over again. Contact your service provider if necessary.
    • - If your previous connection is not working as intended, it is most likely to do with your service provider
    • - For FTP related queries, click the Dreamweaver FTP category on the DW forum.

    How do I report bugs in Dreamweaver?

    If you are fairly certain that the issue that you are facing is a bug, feel free to report the bug on the wishlist form https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform While the product team does look into the forums to pick up reported bugs, we encourage you to bring any potential bugs to our notice. Also feel free to send a private message to users on the forum that have the staff badge assigned to them. Click their picture and then use the message option.