Character Animator Examples

Version 21

    Check out sample projects & artwork files to learn how puppets and scenes are created.

    (For available tutorial videos, see the Character Animator Tutorials page.)




    Example Puppets

    Select any character to download its shareable puppet file. You can open these in Character Animator CC Beta.



    Bongo: Draggable hands, nutcracker jaw, breathe, parallax nose & mouth.


    Goldilocks: Dangle hair.

    p3.jpgDojo Joe: Draggable hands, cycle layers fire.


    Gene: Multiple draggable handles, dangle hoodie strings, key triggers & cycle layers electricity.


    Finn: Bubble particle system, dangle, key triggered full body swap.



    Draggable hands, breathe.


    Hummingbird: Motion trigger, head turns, cycle layers wing flaps.


    Bunnydude: Dangle.


    Pinky Bear: Nutcracker jaw, draggable hands.


    Wag the Kat: Cycle layers tail, nutcracker jaw.

    p13.jpgWendigo: Head turns, key triggers, snow particles.


    Wonder Boy: Cycle layers poses & walking.


    Clay Lips: Lip sync.


    Balloons: Draggable strings and dangle/gravity.




    Additional Puppet Resources





    Examples Project

    Download Character Animator Examples (CC Beta, 114 MB)

    This is an example project and artwork for Beta 5 of Character Animator (by the Adobe Character Animator team).

    • To open the project: Unarchive the contents of this .zip file, then from Character Animator choose File > Open Project, and then select the Character Animator Examples (CC Beta).chproj file.
    • To view the project's contents: Double-click a scene in the Project panel to open it in the Scene panel.
    • To view more information about a scene: click in the Scene panel to give it focus, then press the H key to view more information about the scene and the capabilities it can show off; press H again to hide this help.
    • To view sample files: Look in the Ch Media / Gathered Media subfolder. Please do not redistribute this archive or the AI/PSD files in it, though you can refer to this page in any tutorials or videos you create.
    • You can also click "Start Here!" from the Welcome panel to run through an interactive project that teaches the basics of Character Animator.
    • Examples from older preview releases are available here:




    Puppet Templates

    • In the Welcome panel or File menu, click the New Puppet in Photoshop or New Puppet in Illustrator to use and modify our built-in template character.
    • The template character's artwork is imported as a puppet into the Project panel, and added to a new scene. Photoshop or Illustrator is launched so that you can make modifications, save them, then switch back to Character Animator to see the change in the scene.



    Example Animations

    Here are a few published videos from some artists who have used Character Animator!



    Homer Live (East Coast)

    Homer Live (West Coast)

    International Version

    Homer's Latin America Apology

    Homer's UK Apology

    Bart Simpson at Adobe MAX

    by The Simpsons


    Cartoon Donald Trump

    Cartoon Hillary Clinton

    The Making of Donald Trump

    Behind the Scenes

    by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


    Gecko's Garage

    by Toddler Fun Learning


    Jetpack Early Adopter

    by Okay Samurai


    Hillary's Power Suit

    by 100 Proof


    Banjo Man

    by Darrick Hays