Add-ons installation problems and lack of activity in the CC app

Version 7

    Please note that for all Creative Cloud Adobe application users installing Add-ons, the Creative Cloud Desktop Application should now be used for installation as opposed to Extension Manager CC. (Note that Extension Manager CS6 should still continue to be used for CS6 add-ons users only).
    Activity Stream.PNG


    When you log into the Add-ons website and click the blue button to ‘acquire’ an add-on, after several moments pass, you should see some activity in the Activity Stream in the Creative Cloud Desktop App (as per the image on the right). The stream should indicate whether installation was successful or not. (If you receive an error code, please check the list of errors posted in this article:



    For Adobe Add-ons users who are experiencing installation difficulties via the Creative Cloud Desktop App where the Activity stream in the app Home tab is NOT reporting any error messages, we would ask you to first of all please restart your computer – particularly for Windows, and retry the download by clicking ‘Remove’ then ‘Install’ from ‘My Add-ons’: If there is still no activity in the Creative Cloud Desktop App, the next step is to install an Adobe Application from the 'Apps' tab. It does not matter if it is a Trial version or Full version, but we recommend installing Photoshop CC 2015 because this app writes 'media' to the database whereas other apps such as Illustrator does not. (If you already have Photoshop installed, please uninstall it then reinstall it, rebooting in between).


    Now please try to acquire your add-on again. If there is still no Activity in the Home Tab of the Creative Cloud Desktop Application (as per image on the right), please follow the instructions below to generate log files and send them to us which will enable us to look into the issue further:


    1. Download the file called 'ExManLog.YES' and place it at:

    Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Extension Manager CC\ExManLog.YES

    Mac: /Applications/Adobe Extension Manager CC/Adobe Extension Manager

    Note: [To reveal the Contents folder on Mac, you must right-click on the Extension Manager CC application itself in the directory (the one which is not expandable), and choose "show package contents". This will reveal the Contents folder].


    2. Please now attempt to install the add-on again in the same way that you did previously. Directly afterwards, please follow step 3 to record what happened.


    3. Download the Log Collector Tool from here, selecting the correct version for your platform.

    Windows: Double-click the LogCollectorTool.exe to execute. The log files will now be saved as a ZIP file to your Desktop.

    Mac: Double-click to open the LogCollectorTool. Several terminal windows will open. You will be prompted to enter your password. Enter the password for the administrator account you are currently logged in to on Mac. When you enter the password, if you don't see any characters being typed in, continue to type anyway and then press Return. The log files should shortly be saved as a ZIP file on your Desktop. To quit the Terminal window, type Exit and press Return.


    The email address to forward the ZIP file to is (Please check that there is an ExManLog.YES file in the ZIP. If not, please attach that too).



    Krystal - Add-ons team